How does "Disk Space Used This Month" work?

Hi, I started my Storj node yesterday, and had a question about what this metric means. My node has about 3.5GB of data in it, but the “Disk Space Used This Month” is showing 11.04GBh. What is "GBh" and does it correlate with the amount of data being written to the disk?

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GB hours, so if you have 1GB shared for 24 hrs, you have 24 GBh


There’s no official calculator yet, but a Storj fan has build a script: Earnings calculator (Update 2019-10-13: v7.0.1)

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Yes, That’s correct. It will still escrow a large percent on storj’s monthly age schedule.

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It’s X number of audits passed. I can’t recall the exact number. You can count them in the logs though.

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Better to use the Dashboard API, since logs are wiped with every update.

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How can it be that the Dashboard shows half the disk space usage for some days?
The disk space usage is calculated by which gives me for the node in the picture: 0.8TB24h=19.2TB*h on some days
The stored amount of data didn’t change that much since then (still ~0.8TB), no downtime (certainly not 40% of the day) and the length of day obviously didn’t change either.

So what is going on here? This is the same for all my nodes and it’s not the first time this happened.

When looking closer then the satellite 118 shows 0 for that day:

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I think everybody’s does that… I used to think it was because of surge payouts, but that ended. I am not too sure if this is true, but I think it is something to do with the Upload/Download speed of your node and not the amount of space physically used.

Please, take a look:

The same way for TB.
You will be paid only for usage of your space and bandwidth. The space usage is measured in TB per hour. If someone uploaded to your node a one TB, and kept it on your node for a one hour and then deleted it, you will see a drop after one hour in this graph.


Well thanks for merging but I wasn’t asking how it works because I think I explained it exactly like it is explained here: I have 0.8TB of data shared for 24h=19.2TBh. This is what is shown for Nov 7th and the days before.
However as you can see in the 2nd graph, on one day I suddenly have either 0TB shared for 24h or 0.8TB shared for 0 hours because it shows 0TB
h… That is not possible, unless that satellite was down the whole day. I have no other explanation to why the satellite 118 would show 0TB*h for Nov 8th.

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So apparently these are just dashboard glitches of satellite 118 or the satellite is processing the data way too late.
While the dasboard showed 0TBh for Nov 8th yesterday, it now shows the correct amount for Nov 8th but 0TBh for Nov 9th…
The data from all other satellites is not showing this behaviour.


it’s not updates an information immediately after happening. The today stat would be always not correct.
By the way, this stat is taken from the local database, not satellites.

The today stats are wrong, I understand that.
But that yesterday stats should be correct.

But thanks for clarifying that the stats are taken from the local database. And since the yesterday stats get corrected on the next day, this must be some glitch and nothing serious.

what does the following represent what am I looking at here26

Does this help?

You are looking at how much space was stored on your node for a period over a period of time.

So if 4TB were stored for 24 hours you get 48TBh shown for a single day. The value for the month for 4TB stored for a month would be around 2.9PBh

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I really think this graph can be improved, as not many people understand how GBh / TBh works and the graph is very confusing to read as well, because it is calculated towards the next day point at the graph:

I think it should say something like average of TB/month divided with how many day of the current month the node is operating, instead of TB*h.

Data between Day 1 and Day 2 should be stored at Day 1 instead of Day 2

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I partly agree, some things about the days are weird, like Dec 1 having 0 TB*h.
Apart from that, TBh are actually very easy to understand. Everyone has to deal with kWh in their life, TBh are not different from that.


Hi there :slight_smile:

I thought I had this chart figured out, until this happened:

Around the 10th of December, my 1TB allocated space got full. That clearly shows up on the “Bandwidth used this month” chart on the left, as I had almost no traffic anymore.
I allocated an extra 1TB on the same disk on the 12th and traffic came back immediately.

Since then, allocated space kept being used little by little, so I was expecting the “Disk space used this month” chart to constantly increase, but as you can see on the chart on the right, it suddenly dropped by 15TB*h, and that is what I can’t explain.

As long as the amount of stored data keeps increasing, this “disk space used” graph should always go up and never drop like it did here… right?

What am I misunderstanding? ^^’
Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you fell “victim” to the garbage collection. There are files in the trash folder, which still accupy space on your hard disk, but are not part of the storagenode anymore. Please read the announcement in order to avoid overfilling your node and subsequently crashing it.