How does "Disk Space Used This Month" work?

Not very intuitive :confused:
Does GBh somehow convert to mbps? Since mbps is mb/s I’m confused
Does it mean that 255 gb
h is 255 hours to store one GB?

Yes, but is could be 225GB for 1h
mbps is speed you cant mesure stored ammount in speed



However, a given node’s available space should fill in a time that is proportional to the available bandwidth.

It’s also important that GB is not 1024 Megabytes but rather 1000 Megabytes. Storage is paid in Terabyte hours, so the calculation is:

storage in bytes at end of UTC day / 10^12 * hours since beginning of month

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Theres nothing really you can do to improve if your node is new it is still vetting until 100 successful audits once this happens you will get alot more data.


Technically yes, the units can be converted since they are both measurements of (amount of data) / (unit of time). However, converting to Mbps doesn’t really help you since Mbps is typically used to measure throughput while in storagenode, GB/h is used to represent timed storage duration.

The units can be used for either metric, but the metrics don’t measure the same thing.

GB * h, not the GB / h, the difference is huge. The total amount of GBh will be divided on hours in month to get an amount of data used for the whole month.



Clearly I have not had enough caffeine yet this morning.

You will get 24GBh if you store 1GB for 24h time. This is simplest variation.
if you store 10GB for 24h will be 240GBh

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The reason why I ask is my doubts - did I allocate bandwidth correctly. My internet provider states 800mbps both sides which i tested on speedtests and got different results ranging from 200mbps to 1gps. My best hopes are 770 mbps both sides. So I went with that. Maybe the right question here is - what happens if I allocate too much bandwidth I can’t provide?

Nothing happens your node just wont use that amount. Your lucky to beable to hit 100Mbit right now. Even if you changed your bandwidth to use 100000TB/s it isnt going to make it so your node uses that amount, Its only the amount your internet can handle.

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I understand that it can’t take more than it can take, what about node reputation?

No your rep is based on audits not really the speed of your node, remember the file sizes are 4mb for 1 piece.

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This seems relevant here, i got an idea about why the Disk Space Used This Month graph fucks up…
it seems to me after carefully watching this graph on my fairly new node, that there is a pattern to the madness… 1. the graph only seem to update at about twice daily rate, infact from what i can see it’s getting later and later in the night before it updates, like it updates every 13 hours or something like that…
if this is the case, then that would explain the inconsistent graph. like if we say it updates at
07:00 in the morning, 1st in the month
20:00 the same night, 1st in the month
09:00 the next morning, 2nd in the month
23:00, then that evening, 2nd in the month

12:00 only 3rd in the month - you see the problem here…

01:00 4th in the month
14:00 4th in the month

i would suggest a correction to the update time, so that it updates based on a fixed schedule, such as a certain time every day.

duno if this is the problem, but it sure seems very close to explain what i am seeing and what other people are seeing, and would also explain why so often the Disk Space Used This Month, gives out numbers that seemingly are inconsistent with web dashboards Disk Space Remaining and or actual used disk capacity.

not sure where i was suppose to put this post.

Hello, can you explain this to me please? Why does my TB * h graph indicate 0 for several days?

You were offline. It counts the used space only when the storage is online

but the admin page show im online…

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How do I reconcile the Disk Space Used This Month being in TBh when my bandwidth Used is in GB’s?
My drive is only 8TB or ~6TB assigned to the node…how could I i possibly have 8.76TB
h Disk Space used?

With algebra:


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I see.
Displaying it like 8.76TB*h seems misleading.