How is Storj pronounced

Hello guys,
I have my SN now running for about 60h every thing works well.
Now let’s get to the really important stuff. How is Storj pronounced? I’m thinking about this since I heard about it the first time.

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You can also listen how the staff spells it in their Youtube channel, like this Q&A overview with Jocelyn & Dylan:

you’re welcome!


Totally different topic but if you want to showcase your setup or see what others have done. Check this thread.


I always liked “Storjay” :joy:


Storj is “Storgee” in french, not so far of Storjay. So, for the french translation “Stockage”, I would name my company “StockH” :wink:

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I do the same if speaking in English. I dislike confusion, so I deliberately pronounce “Storj” to sound different from “storage”.

In Lithuanian it’s more like “storyot”,

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I agree. Don’t want people to think I’m talking about some ominous “storage”. Nobody thinks about something called “STORJ” when they hear “storage”.
But tbh I rarely say that word anyways xD

And the product is actually tardigrade so guess that’s fine although you’ll find lots of anmials googling for it xD

But Storj will become so huge that people in the forums, chats and tweets will write “storj” on internet when they talk about storage. Then, it will enter in the urban dictionnary. :lying_face: