How long does the exit procedure take?

Does anyone know how long it takes, more or less, for the exit procedure to finish?

Say, on a node with 1 TB data stored and 100 Mbit/s uplink.

Why do you want to perform GE ?

I will be moving (my home) to a different country once this crazy virus ends… So want to know how many days before I need to leave should I start the storj node exit procedure.

I have noticed few SNOs finishing it in few days but I am not sure how much data was transferred. I would recommend to exit from 1 satellite at a time so you can see for yourself how much data each satellite has stored on your node. Remember to save the receipt after successful GE. Follow the GE guide and triple check what you are doing. I wish you good luck on GE and on the move. Stay safe :safety_vest:

Good luck for the moving, take care !

How to graceful exit en my node?
Where can I find documentation to carry out this procedure?

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