How long time before the first payout

Hi everybody,

My first node is online and all seems ok.
I would like to know after how long time I will receive my first rewards?

Thank you for your help.
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You will receive current month’s payout in first 2 weeks of next month. Even if you joined on the last day of the month. When I say joined it means connecting to the network and having some data on your node.


If you want you can showcase your setup or watch what others have posted here.

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you will get increasing payouts for until 9 months, by the end of each month there is a payout, usually it takes a good while before you will start to see some return… and certainly you will also need to fill the node first… so depending on it’s size it can be very different.

but you should start to see a dollar or two after a couple of months or three… while most of the earnings will be in the held amount, after the 9 months the earnings for the past month will be payed out…
and then after 15 months you get 50% of the held amount paid out.
the remaining half will be returned after a successful graceful exit.

so yeah long story short… 9 months before you get full payouts
which atm seems to be 1.5$ pr tb stored + 5%-10% of stored data downloaded each month… ofc this is the most valuable part and also the most unreliable… i think my avg egress over the almost 3 months i’ve on V3 has been around 5% of capacity maybe a bit less… been slow the last month…

my first two payout have been 3$ total i think lol
not really a short term thing… the real payout comes later when a node proves reliable.
eventually somebody will want to download some of their data for whatever reason…

for this months my dashboards say 19$ and i got 19 $ in held amount from the previous two also… so making progress… just not seeing any payout of it yet…
so yeah before 6 months in… i doubt you should expect anything barely worth moving out of the wallet.

so first quarter has been essentially 41$ … but that doesn’t cover my expenses of the rig… but starting to make an impact on the electricity bill of it.
and ofc i don’t know if i actually get 19$ payout, the dashboard has thus far been a very rough guestimate, so maybe ill get a bit more… i’ve been pleasantly surprised when i last checked.

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You won’t get a single cent …
I don’t know why people are told here to earn USD, only USD is earned by the operator Tardigrade …

they paid me when i ran a V2 node… so thats not true… ofc they are paid out in storj tokens… so yeah i sort of won’t get a cent lol

Are you splitting hairs here? You get paid the amount of USD in STORJ. Or what is your point here?


Isn’t it like I wrote?

No, it’s not. We’re talking about value, not currency. It’s not a secret that SNOs are paid in Storj. But the dollar payout is known and the storj payout fluctuates based on token value. So we discuss it in dollars. Saying you don’t get a cent is just disingenuous. Especially if you leave out all the context.


well i also have always been paid more than a single cent… every time… xD so …

wow! Thank you very much for all of your responses
I see that the Storj community is very present and reactive
I understand better for the frequency of payments …
if I understand correctly the amount of storj paid adapts according to its value to correspond to an amount in USD, then why not give the choice and offer to be paid in storj for holders or in USDT (erc20 token) ?

because when one owns the token its a cheap way to manage potentially hundreds of thousands of payments each month.
you will get storj tokens worth the amount you earned in $ and then you can do with it as you like…

it’s really just mostly an administration thing…
already there are like 5-6 satellites each sending a payment per month, to over 6000 SNO’s
if the network really takes off… it could run into the millions of transactions each month, which would end up being a significant overhead, so really it should help everybody involved that the process is streamlined, with minimal overhead.

But what is this scam… I get only 2.39 SNO for a full month… It’s a long way from the $44 estimated by the “simulator”! I had no break for 1 month and I get only a few cents… Another month of testing and if it’s the same then goodbye Storj and the good pub that goes with it!

It takes a while until earnings take off. The official earnings estimator is unfortunately way off.

Take a look at this alternative to get an indication of actual earnings.

BrightSilence Thank you for these very clear explanationsđź‘Ť
But the total revenue will never be reached
I don’t understand why the team lie to investors.
I have several masternode and all rewards are honored … For me Storj doesn’t play the game.
I still test a little but without conviction and I really think to leave this project

Thank you again for the explanations.

yeah storj’s earning estimator surely doesn’t do them any favors, after starting to run a node it makes the earnings estimator seem almost scammy…

however in storj’s defence, this estimator was created with the intent of showing what they would expect earnings to be when the system is operational…

even if thats a bit like drawing the eiffel tower and then estimating how much money you would earn on tourists… not saying it cannot be done… just that if one doesn’t have the tower yet, its easy to start to sell tourist tickets…

but if their earning estimator’s numbers are right… then this could be quite nice… ofc if it’s just a shot in the dark, they most likely over estimated their own ability and it’s going to suck…

the less people the more test data for the rest of us :smiley: