How many folks here are also on GitHub?

Hey, I was chatting earlier today in a call with one of our engineers, and he asked how many members of the community are likely to have GitHub accounts. My own impression is that probably most of us do. I wondered if that’s an assumption on my part, or if it’s accurate

I have, also 20 chars

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I also have a github account.

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I generally suffer from anxiety of connecting anything I write with my real life persona. This causes me to create several github accounts and sparsely populate only some of them while furiously deleting others.

Eventually, I’ll come to the realization that no one actually cares who I am in real life. And it probably doesn’t matter that I make errors all the time… sometimes enormous ones.

Speaking of anxiety… what is the purpose of the question?

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hey @beast no worries, everyones entitled to organize their onlines identities in the way they feel comfortable with. Technology exists to serve us, not the other way around (although that can be easy to forget in todays world)

My reason for asking was just that we have a thing called GitBackup that his team made; when I was chatting with him, we were wondering if it might be a good future idea to invite commuity members to somehow participate. (Not immediately, but maybe theres some kind of collaboration that will make sense at a certain point.)

But of course GitBackup is only useful to someone who has a GitHUB account.

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Anyone who decides to run a storagenode is probably at least somewhat into technology, computers, server administration and/or programming, which means they likely have a github account. If you have no interest in these fields you probably would not be able to set up and maintain a storage node. Maybe just barely know that Ethereum exists.

From the earlier marking material ( it seemed like Storj was targeting home users with a couple hundred gigs free on their home computer but with the high uptime requirements in my opinion it is only suitable for people with fileserver.

I don’t have a GitHub account

@derkades that was my logic too. So in one sense we can talk about “engineers” as people who are buildin on platform. But I think a lot of SNOs can code, because yes its likely that you’ll have related knowledge to even become interested in the first place. So yeah I think the Venn diagram will look a lot like a circle in this case.

Of course there are also lots of coders who aren’t active with Github too, especially if they have a dayjob with companies that are touchy about intellectual property.

Looks at my “title” :face_with_monocle:


It was my understanding there would be no math on this exam…

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but the Github badge runs on a plugin that looks at your signup info, and if your forum account is made with different info, then obviously it cant award the badge. Also it only looks to see if youre a contribuor to the storj repo, it doesnt do anything unless you have an account that meets the conditions of EXISTS + CONTRIB TO STORJ/* REPOS
So I was wondering.

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I made my GitHub account especialy for apps for Storj

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I have one :grinning:

You should make another poll for this @jocelyn

I thought about making it a poll, but I dont want to have too many polls active at any given time. I worry it could tip over into feeling spammy. Maybe I’ll close an existing poll and put one up about github instead


This is not necessarily true. GitHub is also a place to look at the code of others which does not require an account. While I do have a GitHub account, I probably use it more for things I wouldn’t need an account for than things I do. It’s also a place many will use to get their open source software downloads.


I have too :slight_smile:
I write issues, review commits, clone repos, build something on test environments…


I don’t have a github account since I’m not a developer and don’t contribute anything. I do follow it closely but I don’t need an account to do that.

I have one. Doesn’t really contain amazing stuff though, mostly tests and small tools… ^^

It is also useful to software users, if they use software that one day disappears from GitHub