How much can I earn with a 1GBit connection?

At one point I had $150usd in two months, but then the value of storj token went down. I’m holding on to it. It will go back up soon. :crossed_fingers: Also it takes a couple of months to get to the point when you don’t have held amount taken, so don’t get discouraged. Payouts happen the first two weeks of every month.

Thats Cool … lets say i have Good hardware and can manage up time lets say 5month … when it all hardware and all good no issue even staligites also perfect for vettied … how much i can expert for 1.5TB per month 1GB port ? Yes i know it held 75% … but i i need to paid my net bill … so i need cover that amount … can i expected if even it its hold 75% from my earning will be above 10$ ? i just looking min earning to run this marching .

Whats most part in maching will help to increase earning ? looking for order

Ive been running my node since may and I made everything back that I put into it, When they gave us all bonus at the start Its all been profit ever since and I just put money back into the hardware. I started with a free dell machine im running on a 10gig internet but node is only on a dedicated 1gig port as the node hasnt even broken 100Mbit yet. Dont expect to get more data just cause you have a 1gig line it really doesnt help much.

can you give us a numbers ? :relaxed:

Like amount I’ve made?

It’s near impossible to say what you will earn exactly. It depends on a lot of vectors. We had quite a few months with surge payouts up to 5x the normal amount. Additionally my node now holds almost 6TB of data. So you won’t make as much as I do for sure. During testing they often downloaded the recently uploaded data so a full node resulted in no new uploads and much less download as well. Now I suspect this will be a little different with production data though there will likely still be some traffic patterns like that.

From the list you mentioned HDD capacity will have by far the biggest impact on income. Beyond a certain point internet speed and CPU really don’t matter anymore. I think it helps to be faster than an RPi 4, but not much beyond that. Internet over 100mbit probably doesn’t help much either.

YES thats whay mean … trying to colulate what i will have end of month … becoz i spend base capital and get idea will i recovered or how long it will take . if not … i will shut down all my servers .

hmm sad … this is very confusing … to invest this type of project … we really looking how much we can get earn . i can make server maintenance 99% up time … but amount i earn unclear …

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It only just launched in production and my crystal ball is unfortunately at the repair shop. Sure you’d be taking a bit of a chance. But I think in most cases it’s worth it as long as you either use hardware you already have or something like an RPi that doesn’t break the bank. So just start out with what you have. You can move to a larger HDD later on when you have more of an idea what you earn. Don’t go overboard with server grade hardware. Keep in mind that many nodes are simply an RPi with a single HDD. You don’t need to spend much more than that.

If you have a NAS. Use its free space for your node. Then it’s basically free to run it. That’s what I did.

It is very simple: You can’t. It is impossible. Nobody can answer this question.

It depends on what customers will use Tardigrade, if any. It depends on the type of data customers upload and how much they download. It depends on your nodes success on receiving and sending data. It depends on wether Storj changes payouts (like they did in the past). And it depends on the willingness and ability of Storj to find suitable customers and their willingness to build, showcase and fund projects that can run on Tardigrade and might attract potential customers.


Well dont spend alot of capital on this use what you have then if it works out then move to upgrade your hardware, Do not expect to get rich from this, When Your starting out your probably gonna get cents per month not $$$$. I don’t wanna tell you how much ive made as I started almost a year ago now where I am getting almost 100% of escrow now so you cant compare what im getting to what you will be getting.

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Yehh lets see … now i ruing 3 node … and will get idea end of this month … i may spend another month by my hand … and lets see … run 3 month in Raw … i dont want be rich … but i want be profitable then what i spend in month …

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Are you running 3 nodes in the same place or are you running them in different places?

same country … its france data center

You do know that running more then 1 node in the same location serves no benefits to getting more money. If they are in the same datacenter chances are they are sharing data. The entire point of storj is decentralized data when your running more then one node in the same spot that would be centralized.

its on different racks and main port basically 10GB or more … 500MBPS guaranteed ( i got discounted 14USD per month . thats why i consider to go with Storj . and uptime with them so far 100% last 4 yaers … i love they server racks and its DELL servers )

Intel Core i3-530 - 2.93 GHz - 2 core(s)
4GB - DDR3
Unmetered @ 1Gbps

Intel Xeon L3426 - 1.86 GHz - 4 core(s)
16GB - DDR3
Unmetered @ 1Gbps

21USD !!

You arent listening…Just because there on different racks doesnt mean they are in different location. Your going to be pouring money into the drain doing this. You may make 20cents in 1 month that isnt going to pay for your servers per month, The best thing would have been to start with 1 node if you were going to use it in a datacenter. Just to see how it is, Now chances are your going to be paying more for the servers then your gonna get back from running the nodes.

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Hmm i got you … lets see … how much i will have … becoz other locations of server are expansive , just only focus on HDD then node run … server not customizable. or i will take German server or NL

Just looking out I dont like to see people throwing money away.

True … sometime we need backup source in case ? not ?