How much can I earn with a 1GBit connection?

Hey its been my 3 week but in new month just after 2 week … so i just monitor my network … and its seems Storj storing file … so almost 12TB on thi month … how much i can expected end of the month and payment for only HDD space usage if its cross 100TB per month ?

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so give me example of one month 100TB*H ? if then ?

100TBh is about $0.2 for HDD space only (no egress). And because it’s your 3rd weeek you get 25% of it, 75% for escrow.

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Yes i know it holding 75% … like my currant usage i just wanna calculate how much i would earn .
Engres 226.38MB
ingress 185.23GB
for 4 days …
so any forecast how much i would have end of this month ?

If you wait a couple days for your node to update to v1.1.1, the node’s dashboard will have a built in earnings calculator! The update just got released, and all nodes should get the update soon.

Read Payout Info on WebUI Dashboard on this post.

It is hard to calculate earnings for such a new node though.

Wooooow thats brilliant !! also login screen and open port for public login to dashbord would be great … becoz i love to acsses my all node in different location .

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You already can access your node from anywhere in the world. Make sure Web UI (or something) is enabled in the config.yaml file, and that port 14002 is forwarded on your node. It is more secure to set up a vpn though.

i tired its wont work … maybe i didnt add to firewall ? and also i have linux node too … there something i missed ?

i just noticed i got update noticed
Update your Node to Version v1.1.1: It’s time to update your Node’s software, you are running outdated version v1.0.1

what i should do now ?

Just wait, it will update when the update is pushed to your node’s ID, it might take a day or two. I got the same notification on both my nodes. I had some trouble setting up my web dashboard at first, but everything works now. If you want, view one of my nodes here you can see i got the same notification.

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WOW … you got 94USD just for 2 month ? and yes i wanna open my port too , its default open to public ?

The update will definitely help, but I doubt it will show everything. Consider using the earnings calculator here if you want more information or don’t want to wait for the update.

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we can add up simple password using normal windows function … however if earning cant richup atlast 15USD per month i will shut down all my node … i add all 8TB on 3 maching with 1GB port … its cost

My node has never earned less than 15 USD a month. Always over 20 USD so far.

My earnings in total are less than 6 dollars for three months so beware ymmv

Keep in mind that the first 9 months a percentage is held back. This is done to build up a reserve in case your node suddenly disappears and data repair needs to happen. That’s costly, so part payout is held back to cover for that scenario. Half of that will be paid out after 15 months, the rest when you gracefully exit. The held back % drops every 3 months. Additionally the first month or so your node is in vetting, while the satellites try to figure out whether it’s reliable.

All of this results in nodes not being as profitable early on by design. Payouts will get better over time because of these things alone. But in addition to that over time your node will collect more data which could lead to more downloads. Both of which will naturally increase payouts as well.

For what it’s worth, my node has already made 6 USD in the first < 4 days this month.

How big is your drive ? One of my nodes has 10 TB of data and earns only around 40 cts / day. Internet connection is 10GB/1GB.
Your earnings are insane

what what you have not been running your node for a month?

My node is 10TB as well, 1000/500mbit. Though connection speed hardly matters. I’ve been running this node for over a year now though. Just give it some time. I already bought a 12TB HDD with my earnings, so it’s paid for itself, the rest is pure profit.