How much payed data is in the network?

I think in the current stable version they support only S3 (but they modify the chunk size to be 64MiB as far as I remember).
I hope they would implement a possibility to use a native integration too, they are growing.
However nobody stop you from use other tools for backup using the native integration like restic, Duplicacy, Duplicati, Kopia to the rclone with a native integration, etc.

I do not know, but I will pass your question to the data scientist.
For the native TrueNAS cloud sync likely the whole TrueNAS storage stored on Storj uncompressed.

Right. There are partners and resellers who simply offer the Storj DCS integration to their customers as additional storage option. And there are the paying customers who then actively store data on Storj DCS.

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IXSystems store all their TrueNAS images on storj. Including all the nightly images. Anything you download from their web site comes from storj.


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El caso es que realizo respaldo de algunos VPS ( odoo + hestiaCP + nextcloud). Para mi pequeña empresa de servicios TI