How much storage is online?

I am currently running 6TB of storage but only advertising 2TB as it was the default of the docker command I copied.
Only 100GB is used, are there any stats for the entire network?
I can add another 40TB quite easily but I am not even bothering to spin 3 of the 6TB yet. Should I show the 40TB to the network? Is there any demand?

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I have the same question. After a week my node only has 30GB stored out of 10TB.
Would it be possible that storage node operator also could get access to tardigrade?

If both your nodes are new your in vetting stages, and you wont get full data till your out of it.
You Can apply access to tardigrade.

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Thanks for the answer, I just found the answer in another thread too :slight_smile:

I have applied to tardigrade, but that was close to a year ago.

Yeah its very limited amount of people they allow, Only thing you can do is wait.

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but is there any data about storage offered vs demand or used?

Theres no reason to show 40TB as there is mostly testing data on the network, and it would take a very long time to ever hit 40TB, As there more and more nodes getting on the network the data is split to over 3000 nodes across the world. You dont see 100% of data going to only you.

Interesting, so there might be a petabyte out there already

Probably more at this point.

I would recommend to read this blog:

@selea @deathlessdd We are moving fast through the waitlist at this point – I dont think youll have too much longer to wait

I think I have over-sized my storage node. I am using 70 watts to host <1TB. It’ll cost too much in electricity until it fills up but then all those disks will use even more when spinning.
MTBF will eat away any profit

what pc do you have? My with 5 disk takes litle more than yours.

I have core 2 quad, 4GB, 2x3TB hdd, some GPU I found in shed. Also 525W PSU - at 70W it probably the biggest draw but I thought I need it to spin up 15 hdd at power on. edit to add ubuntu

I am useng I5 with WD perple 5xHDDs+1ssd for OS thay low spin(5400) and low power also.

You were always told to run a storagenode only on hardware which runs anyway for other purposes.

We don’t listen, we want to be data centres😁


I here will be only those SNO who runing nodes for other perposes then it will be no Storj, as theese people not so much.

I run it on a Proliant Microserver G8, two drives is used for a network share, and two drives is for storj.

2xRAID1 basically.

I am planning it to deploy it on a ceph-cluster with >100TB storage, but I dont think it is worth it yet :slight_smile:

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I dropped the 40TB option.
My new rig:
15W lg nexus usb c psu - recycled
1TB ssd - from old laptop
8GB boot SD card - from old galaxy y
Sata/usb cable - new £4
PI 4 - new £40

Power use : None, can’t even measure. Let’s see how it goes…