How much test data is in the network?

How much total test data is in the network?

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That is just what we users on the forum assume.
Saltlake + US2 + Europe-North only have test data that we do know.
But do EU1 + US1 + AP1 only have customer data?

I never saw STORJ officially saying that.

It’s not an assumption when some forum users have read every post for the past three years. Ok spoon feeding (using search!)…

Also I’m not suggesting that 0bytes of test data exist on AP1, EU1 and US1. There should be some for checking services, access, permissions, etc. but it’s not going to be load testing synthetic data.


I argue that just because US2 is only test data, does not mean that US1 does not any test data.
You respond to that with 3 different post confirming that test satellites have test data (no sh** sherlock) and

So in other words, you have no idea how much test data there is on US1?

On what facts do you base that assumption?

Why is the data not displayed?

Probably just some updates or maintenance.

This grafana board is maintained by @Arkina so perhaps they could restart it/fix the issue :thinking:
The source data is still available here.


Thx for notification, it is fixxed. I should start also todo contentmonitoring :smile:


We still don’t know?

We do. You just haven’t accepted the answer. There’s not much more to say than what’s already been said.

What is the answer?

Is the answer: We just assume that only test satellites have test data, even this was never confirmed by STORJ?

No, the answer is that it has been mentioned several times by people from Storj. @Stob posted some, but not all mentions. I’ve seen the confirmations, so there is no value to me to search for them. Feel free to use the search feature to find them yourself if that’s not enough for you.

But what are these mentions? Be precise please! These mentions only say that there is test data on test satellites.

They don’t say that test data is only on test satellites!

That is a big difference!

I did but found nothing.

Edit: finally found it:

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I calculated from the dashboard the total test data stored on my 9 nodes, on 11 march.
No node is full.
Total data stored: 56.8TB
Total test data stored: 7.3TB (13%)

US2 - 0.55% from all test data
SLTLAKE - 54.66% from all test data
EUNorth - 44.79% from all test data

% Test data from Total data stored per every node, according to their ages:
27 months - 28.2% (3.03 / 10.75TB)
23 months - 37.67% (FW off, 2 nodes/machine) (2.47 / 6.56TB)
10 months - 3% (FW off, 2 nodes/machine) (0.1 / 3.46TB)
15 months - 11.16% (0.9 / 8.12TB)
11 months - 5.01% (0.37 / 7.25TB)
10 months - 3.23% (0.23 / 7.02TB)
6 months - 1.87% (0.097 / 5.2TB)
5 months - 1.65% (0.076 / 4.63TB)
4 months - 1.59% (0.061 / 3.84 TB)