How to add more HDD?

Hi I recently install storj In my PC and I consider to add more HDD … how could I do that ?

Please use the search. This has been answered many times.

Check out this topic.

You could also add a second node.

It’s also not a bad idea to use RAID.

But like @kevink said, use the search!

Yes, use the search Luke, but there is still no proper solution.
I have 16 drives and I do not want to use 16 nodes all sucking from the same bandwidth. This is just terrible architecture.

Please, use a RAID6 or RAID10 @m3ta it is close to proper solution for you

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Hello, I do have a 1gbps internet connection but I found out that one needs to have more space than like me 2 tb to actually use all of that bandwidth. However, I don’t know how to connect the 2 TB that I just added as a harddrive to my pc to storj. Can someone maybe tell me if that is possible and if so how.