Second node as spare drive

can anyone help me with instructions to setup second node as additional storage node drive different machine and id same IP address

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The process is exactly the same as setting up your first node: you need a new invitation, create an identity from that, set up the storagenode software, etc. Note that you can’t reuse the same email address for the new invitation.

Note also that the satellites will treat both nodes as effectively the same node since they share an IP address. This is to prevent your two nodes from holding two pieces to the same file, which reduces geographic redundancy of the data.

Running two 500GB nodes on the same IP address is more or less the same as running one 1TB node, except both nodes will have different reputations and audit counts. This means running a single node with more storage is preferred as you don’t have to go through the vetting process twice.

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MOST things will be the same, but you’ll have to use a different port for the second node.
Change the following parameters.

-p 28968:28967
-e ADDRESS="your.ddns.tld:28968"

Note that the second port in the -p parameter still remains 28967, that’s because the container internally still uses that port.

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When trying to setup the port forwarding for my second node on a different machine, my router complained that the external address 28967 was already in use (which is true as my first node is using 28967 as the external address ) . So if both machines use the same ddns name since I only have one public IP (but have different internal static IPs) how does the router know which machine to send the data to?

Check my previous post again. The address and first port in the mapping use a different port. That port should also be forwarded on your router.

Thank you for the fast reply. I did not notice the difference. I’ll give that a try.

Ok. it looks like the router is happy. I used this port forwarding (for example) external port 68968, internal 68968 to second machine internal static IP.

I thought there are only 65535 ports available tcp/udp

The internal port (at the right side of the colon) must be 28967 unless you changed the default 28967 in the config file

hello I want to launch a second node and I do not configure it to put it online could you help me? I have one that currently works but put the two online I do not do proxy or router port etc

Of course, you need to have a separate unique signed identity and the second HDD for the second node.
Keep in mind, having more nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs will not give you any benefit. All nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs are treated as a one node for uploads and downloads and as a separate ones for uptime and audit checks.

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I have a node running in a Win 10 system with 3 HDDs - two 1TB drives and a 750GB drive. Currently I have it set up to store the Storj files in one 1TB HDD. When that becomes full, how do I include the other two drives in this node? The v3 windows UI set up only asks for one folder to store the files in. I remember from v2 windows UI, you can easily set up multiple HDDs in one node. Thanks!

You should not add those drives to that node. This will be a RAID0 array which is not recommended since with a one disk failure the whole node is lost. In your case it’s much better to run a second node.
The Windows GUI installer doesn’t able to install more than a one service on the one Windows PC.
The recommended way is to use a Docker for that, it doesn’t have such limitation.
Or you can use a Windows toolbox to install a second service, but this is not an official tool.

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sounds good, i’ll look into these.

I initially thought I can’t install Docker in Windows:

“(!) Docker Toolbox is not supported”

but realized there’s a link for instructions on how to install Docker Desktop for windows just above it :sweat_smile: I’m looking into that now.


my node is getting filled, its down to less than 30% now… so gonna set up a second node on a different machine since the drives are not the same disk size… no reason to do raid either since data shouldn’t come twice to the same IP =D

1 question… i read that i need a different email address to subscribe for a new token… but over the course of the last year… i actually received multiple tokens for the original registration… only used one and i kept the rest actually… can i just use one of the left overs?

  • is it a must to use a different email for a second node?
  • are those tokens that i received over the period of the last year still useable?

It is not the case anymore. You can use the same email address, but once per 24 hours.
Tokens should be usable, but identity must be generated with a new binary (we increased a difficulty of identity to join the network).


thank you very much, I apologize I translate English and I’m new to what is commands on powershell and tcp
I just started the second mode

For docker everything the same as for the first node except

The Windows GUI installer is able to setup only one node on the Windows PC.
The official recommendation is to use docker for the second and all next nodes.
The other way is to use a Windows Toolbox, you can search for it here on the forum.

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The Windows GUI installer is able to setup only one node on the Windows PC.
The official recommendation is to use docker for the second and all next nodes.
The other way is to use a Windows Toolbox, you can search for it here on the forum.

It would be worth writing this in the instructions on the main site. I spent a couple of hours until I found this comment.

About the fact that I was trying to understand what people set up in Windows GUI with 2, 3, 4 or more nodes. And only now I saw what needs to be used in the very basis to start the second node - Docker or ToolBox.