How to configure multiple nodes on a single server?

During Townhall today, it was announced multiple nodes on 1 IP is now supported, however, multiple node IDs (?) are not supported. So, how does that work?

Would I request another auth code…and then? Looking for a step-by-step (Ubuntu 18.04). Specifically, I would like to run a node for each drive on my (hardware redundant) server. Have unlimited fiber connection and looking to maximize egress stats. Thanks!

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Yes, that will give you a unique node ID. Although, i think the recommended setup is to wait to fill the first node before you start the second. But I’d like to see results of that test.

My first node is full (1.7 TB/2.0 TB)

Looking for a step-by-step so I don’t mess up what I already have. :slight_smile:

  1. Register on waitlist with a different email address
  2. Start the second node on the different external port

However, it’s definitely better to fill the first node, then spin up the second, otherwise the vetting process could take forever.

On today’s Town Hall there was an offer to start allowing folks to request more invites to run more than one node. How would we go about making these requests?

Interested as well to obtain a second node.

Thanks @KernelPanick. If you try to do that with the same email address you get an error. It doesn’t allow for a second request.

The town hall request seemed to contradict that. Maybe they need to change it. In the meantime you can submit a separate email. You can still use the same wallet ID

Thank you Colonel!

UPDATE: I contacted support and they suggested I register on the website using a different email :frowning:

Good enough for now I suppose.

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So, instead of 28967, I just use another port and portforward that new one to my second node?

yes, a new port for each node.


I finally got around to setting up that 2nd node. 2nd node dashboard is still showing offline after 2 hours, but I am thinking that is normal until the vetting process starts? I double-checked everything and all looks okay.

Anywho…since my 1st node has been up for several months, I would like to just go ahead and launch 3 more nodes - one for each internal HDD (total 5). Is there a downside, or should I wait until node 2 is almost full, then launch node 3, etc.?

If your node is still offline, check the port forwarding. It should be online during vetting.
Only start additional nodes once the previous once are fully vetted, otherwise the vetting process will take forever. Also you should only start a new node once your old node is almost completely full as there is no advantage in having multiple nodes, you get the same amount of data.

Port forwarding looks okay. I simply increased the range from 28967:28967 to 28967:28968. didn’t change anything else. Node1 is still happy. Here is the config for Node2. Anything wrong there? I’ve got the Node2 dashboard on port 14003. 2.5 hours already and Node2 still showing as offline.


looks ok to me, my config looks the same. Might need to check with an external tool if the port forwarding on your router is really working correctly.
you can also check the logs on the 2nd node to see if you get any errors or pieces.

No warnings or errors in the log. Just info messages since it first started.

External tool says 28967 and 28968 are both open.

It has to be 28968:28967 on the second node

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76? First node is on 67 per documentation.