How to do backups using FTP in Storj

I am new to Storj and currently have a directadmin reseller account and for my own backups i use the backup function that i can send a back of all account using ftp to another location. I am using a backup account which comes with ftp but i would prefer if i could ftp my backups directly directly to my
Storj storage using FTP

Can this be done? and if it can can i be guided in how to do this.
Much appreciated

Yes, it cloud be done, however I remember to figure it by my own as this doesn’t look the usual usage. Surely you can contact to support for that.

You can run a FTP server on a S3 mount. That will give you the functionality you’re looking for: but not something Storj-the-company provides directly.

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An alternative is to use rclone serve ftp