How to get in localhost web site this site cant be reached ERROR CONNECTION REFUSED

i have a problem i cant seee my nodes and web dont open

What is the URL that you are using ? Which browser are you using ? Is it GUI or docker ?

im using GUI …

What does show ?

IT SAYS this site can t be reached.

Which browser are you using?

google chrome . .

Show result of this command in powershell

Get-Service storagenode*

You need to start the storagenode service. If the service stops again, then you need to look in to the storagenode.log file.

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Use this command in powershell

Start-Service storagenode

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when i write in powershell Start-Service storagenode it doesnt do anything.

The powershell must be in administrator mode (elevated mode) then try that command

here u go i run in administrator mode. and nothing happend

Show result of

cat "$env:ProgramFiles\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" -tail 20

What did you enter next to contact.external-address in config.yaml file under C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node ?

i didin t enter anything . but it says that external address split host part faild.

Follow the installation guide so you won’t get errors like these.

ok but i tryed like 10 times thanks for help