How to publish a static website over https?

I have published my static website following this instruction Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service - Storj DCS.
I did it all right. But the site works over the http protocol. My application needs to use https protocol. The ideal option would be to use an ssl certificate from let’s encrypt

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Hi @dmalapsh, as the instructions you linked to describe:

  1. Without further action, your site will be served with HTTP. You can secure your site by using an HTTPS proxy server such as Fastly.

You will need to configure an HTTPS proxy server.


I’ve tested with Kemp Free Load Balancer, and NGINX. So far i highly recommend NGINX proxy manager, unless you need load balancing. Then kemp may be a better option.

Hello, may I ask performance-wise how much does having a proxy server influence the resource loading?

Furthermore, is Storj planning to offer HTTPS support? I believe that having to set a whole proxy server just to have TLS, while Storj could offer it itself is quite absurd… I believe it would be absolutely awesome and useful if Storj could provide this directly, so that a website could be deployed through Storj alone.

This is related to your own domain name. We cannot provide a certificate for your domain name, you must create one and use it to be able to serve https.
There are two possible solutions:

  • use something like Fastly;
  • use your own proxy.

Our domain is support https, but you need to have a web-server to configure CORS and show the rendered content (we disabled rendering on our domain due to malicious users creating fishing sites in the past, we don’t want to host such content on our domain).


I’ve had a discussion about this with @stefanbenten - maybe he can tell more about this? We talked about the possibilities and the challenges regarding that feature, but I don’t know what the latest decision is on this.

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Thanks a lot for clarifying. What are the alternatives to Fastly-like services? Could I use Netlify?

Furthermore, I am having trouble configuring Fastly… I pointed to with CNAME. By visiting why do not I see my Food.png image located at the root of the bucket?

Netlify doesn’t allow you to choose, where you store your static content. They offer only GitHub or GitLab as a source. They are not a common usage CDN unlike Fastly.
But the content itself is highly depends on your site. If you embed the static URLs to your content - it will be deployed as well.

Regarding Fastly integration.
Can you get a content of your bucket with AWS CLI (you need to configure it with your GatewayMT creds used in Fastly)?
For example:

aws s3 ls s3://my-bucket --endpoint
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Actually, according to this insightful thread on the Netlify forum, it is possible!

Nevertheless, I cannot even get there since I followed all of the steps to deploy a static website through Storj, but it does not appear to be working. I posted the details in the following thread:

I’m glad that you find a solution! It’s good to know that Netlify has a customization to make it happen.

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You can use proxy… Works fine :smiley:

Just an FYI, Storj should begin working on this in the next sprint or two. It’s expected to take around two sprints to complete. I’d currently estimate that this will be a production feature by the end of July.


I didn’t realize some of the complexity in deploying this… it sounds like my estimate may have been ambitious.


Would this mean i can deploy a static website on storj and have https without needing a proxy like cloudflare ?

What is the advantage over fastly vs cloudflare ?

With Fastly we have a partnership, so it’s tested. However, both should work. All other differences - as usual up on you (pricing models, UI, so on and so forth).