How to replace hdd

Hello everyone i have laptop run 750gb hdd i wanna swap to 2tb hdd how i will transferringfer all data? just plug hdd to usb transfer 750gb and swap hdd? or make a clone hdd? i dont wanna shut down node for long time

i dont need migrate i need swap my old hdd to new one on same device

Are the system and storage on the same disk?

no my laptop have 2x hdd. basically 120gb ssd for windows and 750gb hdd for storj

if will be on same hdd i just make a clone vea usb and swap but now is 2x drive’s

Copy the data from the old to the new disk, I gave you the link, then change the disk. Read the documentation carefully. It is possible via USB.

so i can just stop node transfer 750gb to 2tb hdd and swap

Перенос хранилища на другой диск here in detail.

all his posts only about crete new identity and migrate. i will try just clone my hdd will be some down time but not problem
thank you for you time

Use “robocopy” command, for disk only

For windows you can use freefilesync to transfer files from one hd to another without turning off the node. Once you have transferred the data and done the first round of transfers. You can stop the node and do another synchronization between the two disks. Freefilesync keeps track of what it synced and updates and adds only the files not copied in the previous transfer. Obviously after you have stopped the node and done the transfer, replace the disk in the laptop and then restart the node, paying attention to the node’s data storage folder. Check it in the config.yaml file.
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As @Tropic said you can use a robocopy for disks while node is running:

im not use his. i stop node clone hdd vea usb connect to other pc change hdd letter as my storj hdd have s and new h swap to s replace hdd and it works fine without complicate scripts or other migration stuff