Huge Drop on ingress, can't get above 6TB of used disk space

My ingress was about bettween 30 and 50 GB a day, now I am lucky to get above 15GB a day for all my 6 nodes.
Can’t fill 6TB all together with deletions and ingress, yes I still have space left, QUIC and TCP fastopen are enabled.


I would say it’s the new normal. My bandwidth usage has a huge variance last months, too.


PS on a Single node it spikes between 15 to 95 GB a day. That’s really crazy but the new normal.

I get like 20Gb Egress like once a week or every two weeks.
The strange part is I am not loosing any race, no download or upload cancellation, just low traffic.
This is strange because people usually horde a lot of data then they retrieve.

It’s highly depends on customers. If they build a video streaming hosting or software distribution (updates, blockchain snapshots, etc.), you likely will see more egress than ingress (the video or the package are uploaded once and downloaded multiple times), the same is true for CDN-like usage.

P.S. I still wondering, why we (SNO) are complains about to have more egress (more money)?
See Big Spikes in egress.


Not complaining about egrees, egress is good, but not having data that will make even more egress is what is worrying me.
I can’t get passed 6TB of storage, that is what is concerning me, if this is the maximum I will ever get has an SNO, it hardly compensates the effort, egress has much has we want will always be based on the likelihood of fetching the data that you have.

Either Storj has an issue of getting more customers or I have an issue of getting more data.

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We’ve always had periods like this where ingress is low. Sometimes for a few months and then it picks up again. I wouldn’t be too worried about a momentary drop. It hasn’t even been a month yet.


I t hasn’t even been a month yet.

I disagree with that. The overall accumulated data usage has been declining over the last 90 days

… and if you’re a pessimistic reader, you’ve probably stopped reading now, which is fine. I know BrightSilence is not, and I completely agrees with his other points.

  • Some periods have always been low
  • It has always picked up so far
  • And we’re not completely finished decomissioning the two test nodes

I have been enjoying the less IO intensive time to do some maintenance on my RAID arrays, which suits me very well.


single node network bandwidth usage 1 month avg
green is ingress…

so Bright, b right…

No Testnet Sats, since i did GE on those nearly a year ago now i think.


I mean, that shows the clear removal of test data, followed by normal growth until the recent dip. I’m not going to count the expected and announced removal of test satellites towards “lower ingress”. So yeah, it’s a very recent change as @SGC also shows. We’ll be fine.