I create videos about My nodes

Hello, i have decided to put information, earnings, data info and such on a youtube Channel. Is it allowed to post it here if Anyone wants to Follow along? Sorry for asking, if not allowed - please delete this post.

Thx in advance

Well with these questions I would always say ask yourself the following.

  • Am I in the community for reasons other than self promotion?
  • Have I participated and contributed to other unrelated discussions?
  • Do I genuinely think what I want to post is of interest to the community?

If it’s all yes, which I think it might be in this case, then you’re probably fine posting something. So I say bring it on. :wink:


Allright, i have a couple videos about How the nodes are during after 24 hours, 1 month and so on. And i plan to Keep making these updates as My nodes goes on. Maybe then, new people Will have an idea about How their node Will perform.

So for the case of the community (not My own benefit.) i am going to post a Channel link. That way, people Who are genuinly interested Can have a look.
Thank you.

Peace out, HG Software.

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If Anyone Else makes videos about nodes, please post som in this thread!:grinning: