I have not received payment for January

I have not received payment. I also did a graceful exit at the end of 2020, by now all of the exits were 100%.
Held back amount ~60 USD. I assume I will never see that money now, with minimum payments (which I assume only take into account amount earned)?

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Not receiving payment is not surprising considering the new minimum threshold that got implemented.
For reference:

With regards to your held back amount though, I have no idea how this is supposed to be handled :thinking:
Maybe worth creating a support ticket to StorjLabs for your particular case.


When did they finish? If finished in January, you’d get that money in February (as January payout). And if that’s the case, you’d then get the money for December at that point too.


ur not alone, so much people down a nodes for havent recived a payment

but we wait for see what happend

for people with 1tb or same all it over

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I’ve found that graph to be very variable at the time of update rollouts. The recent reduction shown coincides with the latest update (v1.20.2) rollout as well.

I’ve been around this community for a very long time and payouts have always reliably happened. If you think there has been a mistake you can always contact support through the webform on support.storj.io .

However, I think in your case the graceful exit has likely finished this month, so you will get the payout next month.

In general, the implemented threshold never cancels your payout but simply postpones it. So even if the fees were too high this month, they will likely be low enough to pay out what you’re owed next month.

Your payout won’t just be lost unless you get disqualified (in which case the held amount would be lost).


I remember when a long time ago, a part of SNOs were paid twice in a single month :wink: I wasn’t here back then but I know somebody who left because of it.

Anyway, just to leave my opinion on the case - I have a 12-13 months old node and it would be great if STORJ would start to return the withholdings now instead of keeping these to the 15th month. That would solve the threshold issue for reliable users like me. When I started, I was supposed to be paid once a month.

The other thing is that probably 50%+ of SNOs trade the token on Binance. In a cooperation with Binance (they would gladly help), the issue could be solved for the majority of users.

yes, I have seen the general thread raising the issue. Commenting here anyway.


Well, it seems the day of “payout” has come for me. Payment in “suspension” emails a full month after successful graceful exit…

+1 same here december and january it dead, i have 3 nodes this is a joke they said paid x3 now it x10

Hi there, suspension doesn’t prevent a node operator getting their held amount back. Also, we are sorry for the confusion. We recently fixed an issue with our email notification for suspended nodes. From now on, a node that already exited a Satellite should not get a suspension email anymore (unless they are still active on other Satellites)