I need advice for my extra HDD is nonusable

Hi , here is my marching and there one node is runing in 2TB HDD … and i have another 2TB HDD … how can i use it ? any suggection or advice ?

When your H: drive becomes full (considering you kept 10% as overhead) you can start another node on the other 2TB drive D:

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how i can do that ? to run software again ? could you please explain it ?

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Got it . tel me which port i should change when i install another node ? and how to do it ?

28967 or 14002

Read this, it will help you understand the parameters a lot better

You would be using custom port. Documentation shows how to use it.

You should use different port for dashboard too which can be achieved by


OK will be dashbord port and 28967 this port should be same as its connect storj network . ok i got it …not my currant HDD full and remind 20% more … ill wait will it come to 10% and run other-node

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If you are using a custom port other than 28967, you have to change the -p 28967:28967 to -p <port>:28967 like 28968:28967

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