I’ve switched to zkSync at the end of september but not in time for the payout of october

I’m sorry, I’ve switched to zkSync at the end of september but not in time for the payout of october.
I don’t have received this payout of november but I’m currently opted-in in the webapp since an entire month.

How can I have support to understand if there is a problem?

I don’t know if is wise to post the payout address here! =P


The November payout is due later this month. If you have amended your settings to enable zksync then a payout with the undistributed amount should happen before 14th November.

There is no problem by posting the public wallet address but it will show the wallet linked to your forum account. Without the private key your funds are still safe.


I’ll wait until 15 november.

I’ve changed the setting over a month ago.
I’m pretty sure it has been received in all satellites.


Well, 13th and 14th are the weekend and as we well know Storj don’t do anything on the weekend so I’d say if you don’t have it on the 12th the earliest it will come is Monday.

Payments have started


Several wallets have L2 exchange.
But… You will swap to ETH on L2 and then you are in the same position - now you need to send them to L1 for the almost the same fee (maybe lower because ETH uses less gas than ERC20).

So, need more wide use of L2. And seems the Eth ecosystem have no choice but use L2 more and more.
I would wait for centralized exchanges, they should wake up at some point.

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Could be very expensive if this is wrong Alexey


I recall activation fee being around 11k gas. 11k gas costs three times less at the moment.
Gas cost is jumping between 150 and 200gwei, so erc20 tx would be $45 at most.
And of course there’s no option to set gas fees.


Maybe there would be some analogue of localcoinswap (p2p) for L2 where you could swap tokens to fiat.

yeah, I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a whale here, but I’ve been around for about two years. I went ahead and switched over all of my nodes to L2 payouts for this past month, which in addition to the withheld amount from the previous month, I received 56 STORJ for the payouts and 5.5 for the 10% bonus, so 61.5 (~$100) in total.

more out of curiosity, I looked at the costs of transferring back to L1, and this is what I’m seeing:

For myself, I think I’ve only ever sold any of my STORJ earnings since I started and typically earning between $40-60 a month at this point, my initial reaction was “this hardly seems worth it”. If the L1 payout threshold stands at 4x the current gas price, seems like I should get paid at least every two months…although I guess if they change that to 10x the current gas price, then L2 could still be worth it when looking at it from a speculation perspective (rather have tokens paid more often with the speculation that the value will continue to increase…)

At the same time, I guess since I’d lump myself into the HODL category, it’s probably worth it in the long run to just stay on L2, and accumulate tokens there until I need/want to move them to L1 (assuming that the movement fee is static and not proportional to the amount being moved) or better L2 options become available…

They will wake up:


I’ve received Storj in my zkSync wallet but now?
Is there some app/defi/exchange compatible with zkSync?
Or I can only transfer funds to L1 when fees will decrease?

The post above yours:


Also, I heard some other wallet want to support zkSync and have an exchange.