I will (no longer) leave Storj. =)

Hi all,
I’ve decided to leave Storj in the next months to convert my space to Chia farming.
I really like Storj project and I’ve enjoyed the time spent on (since 2020-04).

My hardware is a bit too noisy (grinding sound specially when Storj move to trash a lot of files).
I’ve shared 2 TB for a year and the earnigs was ok. I’ve increased to 10 TB in July but the time to fill the remaining space was too much (only 0,8 TB in 3 months).
I’ve decided to move on Chia to give a bit of relax to my disk and earn something the same. =)

It was a nice trip together.

Obviously I will make the graceful exits to share with all of you the data I actually store.
I will use zySync in order to collect the undistributed payout and the held amount! =)

Maybe we’ll meet again! =)


Don’t be so hasty! Chia and storj can live together on the same disk. Better payout from storj per TB


Hi, but since when Chia start I’ve used the same hard disk to both projects.
But I think the Storj is more stressful for the drive than Chia, specially with non enterprise hardware.
I’m not using Chia or Storj to drammatically increase my earnings, it has never been my purpose.

Well I can tell that at least on SMR drives Storj is clearly destroying them. Especially cheap 2.5" SMR drives. But… they’re not supposed to be used for Storj, so… I cannot complain I guess :slight_smile:


This isn’t really correct though. Storj is much more profitable on used space. It just takes a while to fill up. So I’m doing exactly what @andrew2.hart was suggesting. Chia to keep the free space warm until Storj needs it for a lot more profit.

I’ve never heard the noise argument before though, that’s new. The difference is mostly because Storj does writes, while Chia doesn’t (after plots have been created).

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Thank you @gnegnus for sharing your thoughts, vision and feedback. I was coming from Chia to Storj and I really enjoy the community here.

Chia was a way too much expensive with unfortunately no earnings over months with around 25 TB of plots. But I’ll cross my fingers for yours.


The drive is in my bedroom! :sweat_smile:

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Well, I’m farming in a pool and not in solo! That’s stabilize the income even with no block winning! :sweat_smile:

I just gonna say less you have serious amounts of storage your going to make overall less on chia while killing your drive to plot with. Ive been mining chia with 10TB and its barely making 14 dollars a month if that Note chia makes 8 Dollars a month currently. Storj is over all more profitable Im sharing 9TB right now on storj and it makes between 38-48 dollars a month. Here is my daily that I make on chia


And storj I make 1.38 dollars per day with the same amount of space.


I have no doubt that Storj is more profitable.
My biggest concern is that if my disk with Storj data fails one day I lost everithing in a snap: actual month income, held amount and future payout.
And it tooks ages to restart with a new identity to fill a new drive.

Chia is less profitable indeed but if a disk fails I lose only the plots but I can get back on track more quickly replotting the entire drive in days.

Obviously it is a speech that is valid only for those who, like me, do not have a RAID5 or better.
The disk failure rate is surely higher with Storj than Chia and with biggest consequences.

These are just my opinions but I really like reading yours on this topic.
Maybe you’ll make me change my mind! =)

Well if you are comparing apples to apples and you loose a 10TB drive full of plots You have to think about how much money you would have lost over time and have to replot again damaging your drive to replot again. Also just think long term chia isnt gonna be long term storj is long term, Chia price has steadly fell since it launched storj price has constantly gone up since V3 has been released.
So you have to think what is better for you wasting hardware to mine chia or stick with a project like storj that is only going to get better over time.

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That’s the main point here I think. The file walk every 2 weeks would be annoying.

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You can use free space for chia, and relise it as Storj will fill it, I did this and it worked. When chia was worth it, I used free 60TB, so you can get boath.

Hi all,
after your thoughts I’m thinking to reorganize the space to leave Chia in the bigger noisy drive (10TB) and move Storj to a second quieter drive and let it grow to the entire space (5TB).

Actually my Storj is 2.8TB so in the meantime I will use the free space of smaller drive for Chia like @BrightSilence. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll see how it goes.

Many thanks to @deathlessdd and all of you for the tips and opinions.


That’s awesome, let us know how that works out!

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people you cannot compare Storj and Chia , 2 different things , Storj you get paid for space used by other people who actually pay for storage and upload their stuff and Chia you are mining ! You are not mining Storj … you get paid for a service in USD and they convert it and pay you in Storj at the rate of the Coin in that specific day , the price of the Storj coin doesnt even matter for us when we get the payment !
Yes you make more money with Storj if you node wins upload jobs and you get your storage full , but only IF … on Chia the price is everything … the price of the coin says if its worth it or not …

You can only try and see what is best for you … but you cant compare them :slight_smile:

No, you can.
storj is about $2.5 per TB per month
chia is about $1 per TB per month

You can’t mate … but you are right to an opinion … so go for it …

just an example for you if you dont understand the meaning of being paid for a service and mining :

Lets say you have 500 TB of space … how much time does it take for Storj to use all of your space … and how fast can you use all the space for mining ? :)))) i hope u understand the example … cause i`m with Storj for Years and i have around 700 TB of storage

You can’t compare them !!! 2 different things !!!

and your price is way off … storj pays much better then that !!! but still can’t compare them

The price fluctuates based on different things, sure. With Chia you choose how much space you make money on, with Storj you don’t, sure. But that doesn’t change the fact that both will eventually give you a certain amount of money per used TB per month.

Storj is actually around $3.80 per used TB per month currently. Either way, space used by Storj is going to be more profitable than space used by Chia.