Idea: StorJ Relays and DS-Lite (IPv6)

hello, i changed internet provider but i just realized that my new internet provider gives me a DS-Lite connection (normal ipv6 but ipv4 goes through a nat tunnel) that makes my nodes are offline and i can’t do it anymore connect …

A few years ago I used Syncthing and something that I found great is that they had automatic UPnP and also the Relays function, which helps you to connect even though you are behind a Firewall.

I have read that many have this problem with DS-Lite and little by little more internet providers will continue to implement it due to the lack of IPv4 and the strong demand they have, for example in my current provider it is no longer possible to pay for having one ipv4 so I have to change the provider again and keep the 2-year contract … (disgusting)

I think using relays is going to centralize the network a bit, but it will help to greatly increase the capacity of the network. In addition, the network is already somewhat centralized with the Satellites.

Maybe it is a good option to make the Satellites communicate with the nodes by IPv6 doing the conversion from IPv4 to IPv6? (through Iptables, tunnel or similar)

What do you think of this idea ?.


Relays maps:

IPv6 Adoption:

Just a suggestion: a cheap VPS costs like $3.5/month. You can use that one to forward traffic from its ipv4 to your homeserver. Might be cheaper than not changing the provider.

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hello, if that is what I am trying to do before my nodes are suspended because the uptime keeps dropping, but this is not an option for any user who wants to mount a node, many do not manage to mount the Node in Docker or open a port in it router :slight_smile:

StorJ uses only TCP right? (not UDP)

But in itself this idea I think it would be good to implement because there is less and less ipv4 and the providers already only give you DS-Lite. And as in my case now, not even paying, they give you dynamic or public ipv4.

Thank you.

UDP should now be enabled.

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