If I wanted to restart my PC, should I first stop the node

`what should I take into the consideration if I don’t wanna get a DQ?

If I wanted to restart my PC, should I first stop the node too using “Stop-Service storagenode” in Windows 10?

Only the audit stats, but there are better sources for that. This script isn’t meant to determine disqualification risk. It’s meant to gauge performance of your node.
You can use the dashboard API, earnings calculator or windows GUI toolkit to see the stats that the satellite used to determine your audit score.

This isn’t necessary. Windows let’s services shut down cleanly before shutting down or restarting.

And what about the docker version in Ubuntu? Automatically reboots (for example after update) possible without danger?

In mostly cases - yes

But on slow systems, like raspberry pi, I would like to stop the node before controlled reboot (with -t 300 option) and start it after.


I would avoid it as it’s possible that the node takes longer to shut down than the standard 10s time docker gives containers. Better to stop manually with the -t 300 parameter. But Alexey is right that in most cases it should work fine.


ok,Thank you, for your suggestions!
I will do that!