Improve notifications relevant for node operators

I would like to see an improvement regarding notification and/or information about events that are relevant to node operators. There are several.

If Storj makes decisions like halting GC, reverting to previous versions, not sending bloomfilters, restoring trash, etc. etc., I would like to know about it.
We had those in the past and if for example GC does not get executed for weeks it creates a totally wrong impression of the network/customer activity and node utilization for the single SNO. And if I know that GC has been halted for weeks, I also know that there will be massive deletions upcoming and can prepare the node for it (like abstain from starting a node move or something).

It would be very helpful if the SNO would receive a notification on the node dashboards notification system about such irregularities as it is very easy to miss the one forum post where Storj eventually hints that something is not working as it should.

Also regarding the information that are already sent via the node notification system, there could be improvements. For example: I noticed that you receive an information when a node gets suspended and even a reminder that it is still suspended, but no information when suspension is over. I believe events like that would be worth to send a notification se well.


I’d like to add that information about the node would be better than just sending out the node’s ID, ie:
Your node (ID:xxx) on (IP address):(port number) has gone offline at HH:MM


Maybe you can move this one to the storage node feature requests section so we can vote on it.

I would agree with the personal notification on lifting a suspension, but I think updates with regards to garbage collection may be too specific for most node operators. I think many won’t even know what that is. Though it could be really helpful to have a status page somewhere where such things could be kept track of. Maybe with a link on the node dashboard to that page?

I would also request to add the public IP of the node to e-mail notifications. If you are running multiple nodes, then determining which node has an issue might be cumbersome from the Node ID.

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We have that for the satellites:

A page like that with information concerning the SNOs would surely be helpful too.
Maybe it could be even on the same page because issues could be specific to certain satellites.

Yeah, I think that only lists incidents that impact customers. Which I would agree is more important. But I agree a similar page for incidents involving node operators would be super useful.

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Good idea @jammerdan and @BrightSilence

As an experiment, I started this topic: