In which countries a larger quantity is required more SNO

can anyone provide such information? in which countries there are the most insufficient nodes. But which countries are the priority.

PS: It also helps if you search the forum and make a post if that information is not available.

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If you go to you can see a map of node locations.

I think adding nodes anywhere that’s not NA or EU will help diversify nodes.


They mentioned South America, Central America, India and Africa in today’s Town Hall.


I suspect that in India and Africa, $1.50 per TB will not work. Taking into account their salaries and prices for equipment and the Internet)

It will work if people use S3 or similar cloud storage. And indeed people using them.

Wouldn’t you expect the opposite? The COL and income is lower in those places. The median monthly salary in India is something around 330 USD.

I recall mobile internet (unfortunately CG-NAT) is more abundant there than a wired connection however.

There’s also a factor of IP address space allocated there. We’ve discussed this in the past: StorjNet - Nodes - #10 by Toyoo