Request for more Storj Nodes in South America

Hello Storj community,

We have been seeing great growth over the past several months and are very grateful for the efforts all of you have made to support the network. Currently we are experiencing growth in the South American region but we don’t yet have a large number of node operators in this area. We want to ensure customers in this area have an optimal experience. So we are putting this word out to request that if any of you have the ability to add additional capacity in this region, or know somebody who could, we would love to have you do that. It is likely that by doing so you will be able to take advantage of the growth of our services in this market.

The Storj Team


Well, South America is a big place. Which countries specifically?


I wonder if it is possible for Storj Inc. to regularly publish data on supply vs. demand ratio (just ratio, not raw numbers) in different geographical regions—even as coarse as continents. Maybe even just some basic statements like “much more/more/roughly equal/less/much less”.


problem with that, Storj dont know how much data client will upload today and tomorrow.
it can happen that tomorrow some client will upload 10-20PB, free space will drop very fast. but it will not rise in one day.

Thanks alot for the Request. Unfortunately I can’t help out directly but will see whom I can get in contact to start new nodes in South America. :slight_smile:

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Bandwidth looks really expensive in South America.

A good source of south american VPS will be a great help.

Unless you’re planning to host the data on that VPS (which I can’t imagine would be profitable), it wouldn’t. If you’re going to forward traffic, it’s no help at all. You’d just make the path the packets have to travel longer compared to running your node elsewhere in the world without a forwarding VPS.

This is only useful if the node itself is hosted in South America (and that goes for both the customers and the node operators).


Probably not a VPS/VPN type of solution needed here. Ideally we would want SNO’s in these different regions of the world with local setups. If we ended up having customers that wanted to geofence in this area, the SNO’s may have an opportune time to gain a lot of data. (AFAIK no customer is looking for that, yet…)


From what I know, people in that region prefer PayPal over what there is now.

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Who doesn’t prefere PayPal?
We only use tokens so we don’t have to bother with regulations and taxes :wink:

PayPal is not available in many countries.

This is completely untrue and unfounded.
Please don’t make wild and defamatory allegations or the moderators will have to take actions.
Adding a wink emoji does not make a statement not defamation.

Storj is compliant with all relevant regulations and tax authorities.


I am talking about the SNO, not STORJ as a company.
I can’t speak for the company, I don’t work for STORJ.
“We” in this context means “nodes”

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It’s still not a good look.

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