Indentity problems

I have node disqualified, not know the reason, but this is not problem.
Problem that i made new indentity already 2-3 times, and all the time node geting same node ID
all invetation codes are different, and all the time generated new indentity but on same pc it this a bug?
tried tu start without indentity, not working give me error, this mean that path is OK.
@Alexey any idea?

Only thing I could think of is maybe you lost track of all your identitys and happen to run 2 nodes with the same identity and caused it to get disqualified.

i made new one, chacket, that without it not running node, just not start if i rename this folder with id

Are you running the new authorization on same pc maybe forgetting to deleting or putting the old identity into a zip file and deleting the old? Theres no way to get the same ID 2 times less you run it with the exact same identity for authorizing it. Because when your running the generator it shouldn’t ever come up with the same hash.

i checked it files are different.

Im looking at it did they change the process of authorizing a new node?

i have last indentity.exe, dont know what inside.

Are you running the one in powershell?

i run it in cmd, only download by powershell
and it windows GUI node

It goes though the process of generating it as well? From what I understand it takes awhile now to get a new key.

it looked like normal, i have 20 nodes, never seen something like this

Im running it right now to see if there is a bug just to check. But im running linux so I dont know if that will make any difference.

i checked key fils, old and new one thay are different, but storagenode geting same ID

Have you tried to get a new authorization code and trying to authorize a new one? I just feel like its impossible to get the same node Id twice and happen to get the same one you already have.

yes 3 times, every new indentity shold have new invetation, and thay all was different.

Well no you need to generate a new identity each time you authorize a new identity.

Yes i do that, there is now other way.

I ran it fine with no issues, node id isnt the same when I start the node.

I made one more and it has same id again, i will try to make on other pc. may be some bug that it generate same id on same pc, tomorrow can get new invetation, so can try on other pc

Make sure the node is looking for the identity in the correct folder and not simply using an old identity every time.