Installer Failure Due To MSI Error

Trying to install via the MSI and got this error, and this event in event viewer.

There is no install log that I can find. I installed it to the default directory, I have tried two separate machines (one windows 10, fresh install 20h2 and one windows 11), have tried UAC disabled. I am using the latest version and I have tried downloading it multiple times.

I have also attached the error listed in event viewer, there were no other errors, only some information events.

How can I get around this? I did notice multiple others have had the same issue and they didn’t seem to get a resolution?

Hi @SirDragonClaw
Is J: drive a local disk? Network or shared folders are not supported as the databases are stored there.

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Please note that as established before, as there are not many wallets or IP addresses that actually serve within the Storj network, even few digits are enough to identify you. If you aim to hide your node identifiers, you must obscure the whole wallet address and external address.


Hello @SirDragonClaw ,
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Please, post the last 10 lines from your logs: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

There are no logs, the application has not installed. The link you sent me is for getting App logs is it not?

Ahh that might be the issue then. It is a network mapped NVME storage pool running over a 40gbit network connection. Shame that is not supported…

Yeah I really don’t care just thought it might be best practice or something. And that thought did occur to me.

If you want to use a network attached storage any cost - you can use iSCSI.

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