Interesting comparison between Golem and Storj

So I recently setup a Golem node again and even though it is currently very small I’ve actually been getting tasks.

Golem makes an interesting comparison with Storj as they support both zksync and polygon but they are moving primarily FROM zksync with polygon now being the main payment method.
I only have two wallets currently and one supports polygon and one supports zksync but I don’t think I can have both setup at the same time on my node - so that’s fun.

The reason for the move seems primarily due to cost with Polygon being much cheaper. So much so that they use micropayments and payments after a task is completed are pretty much instant.

I can’t do a financial comparison yet as my node is far too small (I’m only sharing 6 threads so far and I only have 4GB RAM on the node) and I need to play around with pricing more but as I expand the resources over time I’ll update here.


I know this is not the Golem forum…

But… After your post, I tried it out.

I like the application very much. It’s simple to run. And if the price is set low enough*, you get work. Payment is immediate. It’s really neat. And what I imagined micropayments and microservices to be…

I also like that their documentation includes a Blender 3D modeling output as their target example application.

*The default setting of 0.1 GLM is three orders of magnitude too high to get work… apparently. I don’t think I’m going to make any money renting out CPU time at such a low rate, but it’s fun anyway.

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Yes, I had to lower my prices too and then got work immediately.
and yes as well regarding the micropayments. Exactly how they should work.

Just an update. After getting a firmware update done I’ve managed to get a second cpu installed to give me another 8 threads. I’ve also moved 32GB of ram from another server to this one. It will be interesting to see if the improved specs have any impact on how much work I get.

I also set up Golem to all my nodes on my server. However with a Ledger Nano X my zkSync and Polygon and ETH address is the same

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Sadly my server is now down with a hard red LED error. Will need to do some debugging. First thing to do will be to remove the new CPU. I’ve had faulty cpu’s from ebay sellers previously.

My RPi 4B does almost nothing most of the time cpu wise. But… I guess running Golem on it wouldn’t be of any use, would it?

If you dial down the resources available to Golem and set the price just a bit lower than the lowest price shown on their network stats page… you should get a steady stream of work that pays about $0.15/day or so…

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Hi. Want to run the golem node for trail on MacOS. I have seen the warning „WASI execution environment“.

What does it mean for me? Limited performance? Other software to be installed? Enough to install wasm3 0.5?

How would you interpret it?

Why not make questions about the node setup to the golem people at Discord? :studio_microphone:
Golem forum at Discord

@Bivvo seems to be yet there :grinning:

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They are having holidays, that’s why I’m here :sweat_smile:

Have you already found the ‘Golem God’? :alien:

On 5 cores and 4gb ram i was making about 2 cents a day.

Really? Well then I guess it’s gonna make nothing on a poor RPi’s ARM cpu ^^’

I set the pricing really, really low though just as an experiment. I had started raising it from there and was still getting work.

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Storj is the real truth. :crazy_face::christmas_tree::gift:


Golem God is the faucet at Discord.

Golem is only for linux, so for me it not deserve my attention.

You can run it in hyper v

Tried to put linux, but there is no drivest yet for z690 motherboard, so linux not work normaly on it.