Internxt forked from Storj (was Storj—Incomplete project?)

I’m fed up with Storj. This is kind of an incomplete project. Installation is extremely complicated with no guaranty of success. Lots of bugs in both Windows GUI and CLI installation. Adding to that, Storj software is unstable. You take the risk of being paid nothing when hosting as some people reported their node stops running after hosting for 6 months. Would you take that risk? That’s not to say you have to spend your innumerable valuable time on it.
Storj developers should make it straightforward in the installation and operation of the nodes to get this project successful.
I don’t want to waste more time on this after 3 days of failure trying to install their software. It’s pointless investing in this project. Take Internxt Core for example, I’ve never seen any more simple node installation and operation as that and their project is more promising anyway.

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This is very interesting topic because it would depend who you talk to about there nodes.
I for one have been running a node for 20 months without any issues I get paid for every single month I’ve gotten treated very well from the community storj has great people working on this project.

This issue you have setting up a node this community has no issue with helping getting started if you in counter any issues.

And let’s be honest is any large project ever 100% completed?

If this is the case why are you here complaining?


If you consider Storj to be complicated to set up, try Filecoin :stuck_out_tongue:
In my opinion, Storj is one of the easiest to get started with and lightweight enough to run on something as simple as a raspberry pi with an external hard drive.


And one of the very few projects where you don’t have to invest beforehand.

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May be this topic is just for Internxt advertising !?


from what i’ve tried this is one of the simpler and well functioning of these kind of projects.
i have zero requirement to reboot or problems with software… i can usually run for a couple of months before being forced to shutdown a node due to it have to be updated.

i haven’t see any real issues that wasn’t caused by my own system and now that my system is running smoothly without errors, so does everything else.

if you cannot manage the storage node install then i’m not sure you have the potential of being a storagenode operator, as there will eventually be some real technical issues you will have to deal with.
the install while a little complicated, is pretty straight forward.

your storagenode will function for so long as you keep it operational, however using bad hardware or having hardware go bad or otherwise failing at maintaining software is very likely to get you disqualified , however from what i can tell Storjlabs are quite lenient towards downtime and other such standard issues, and work to improve the software constantly.

props for attempting to install it for 3 days tho… however you must be doing something fundamentally wrong if you can’t install either windows nor the linux version…
you wouldn’t happen to be attempting to do somethning like docker in a virtual machine… because that requires certain features from your hypervisor since it’s essentially nested virtualization.

or that would be my gut shot, as it can be a very annoying and difficult problem to deal with until one figures out what actually is going wrong.


Yes for sure. I am running 6 storage nodes. I am quite happy with the low amount of time I have to spend on it. They always update just fine. If something goes wrong I get an email alert. That happened only once in the last 12 months because of some SATA connection issues.

My issue currently is not many uploads and downloads. -> Storj developers should improve the customer side. I am using tardigrade myself. I would not call it awesome and I have to tell it to all of my friends. Not yet but we are on the way to get to that point. Luckily the developers are working on it :slight_smile:

Internxt forked the Storj v2 code and with it a lot of bugs. Basically, a single node operator like me can destroy the entire network. My internxt node would write all incoming data to /dev/null and still respond to download requests with fake data to receive the full payout. The moment the customer uploads data it will be lost but he has to pay for it. Yes, Internxt is awesome for cheaters. I would not recommend using it for customer data.


What he is missing to say is that the Internxt network is missing customers. It might be easy to install (after all it still is our storj v2 installer) but I would not expect to fill 10 TB as with storj. As a customer I would have to tell all my friends to not use Internxt because they are going to lose their data over time. Use storj instead. It hasn’t lost a single file in a long time.

Works great so far right? :smiley:


Today I have about 40 windows gui nodes, work ok, i am hapy with that. I started over a Year ago. I started form 1-5 nodes, and rised to this ammount, all invested from payment that made by storj, This month got about 300 euro to my bank account.

That’s kinda what I thought when I checked it out they didn’t even change it in there log files… thought I was using an old v2 node from storj

Also there’s something I don’t get on their website…

As a customer you get 2T for 10€/month (that is 5€/TB - if you choose the cheapest plan):

But as a storage provider, you get paid 10€/month for 1TB (which sounds too good to be true? …):

So unless most of the customers choose small plans, it doesn’t add up…
Or am I missing something?

Big companies are doing that was well. You pay 10$ for up to 2 TB. They make small profit with all customers that store only 500GB. They would still pay 10$. Yes you are right that they make a small loss with customers that get close to the 2 TB.

Another factor is the storage expansion factor. If they haven’t changed it the uploaded file will get mirrored 5 times. In total they are going to pay 5 times 1 TB to the nodes.

And here is the magic trick. What if 1 customer uploads 1 TB but the data gets split over 1000 nodes? That would mean each node is holding 5 GB (remember the expansion factor). They have a minimum payout that the nodes need to reach or they will not get their payout. Isn’t that an awesome method to make 100% profit. Just pay nothing to the nodes :smiley:


They just don‘t pay most of their node operators. They are raising the „minimum payout amount“ very often and if you are below that you don’t get anything. It‘s not even held back or so, you just don’t get anything.

Edit: With this I mean INTERNXT


This has been exactly my experience. In addition to that, community concerns have always been taken seriously and picked up quickly. Often in the next release or two.

Like anything on an agile development schedule, it is getting better over time. But the product out there is absolutely viable for production workloads. I hope it will never be complete. When something is called complete, people stop caring to improve it.

I agree that it may be a bit complicated to set up. But you’re not just installing a program, you’re setting up a server. In that context it really is one of the simplest installations.
But I really don’t agree with bugs and it being unstable. As mentioned before, it has worked without needing attention for nearly 2 years for me. And this includes automatic updates. It would be my guess that things you have encountered are likely due to user error related to the complexity of setting it up. Most problems reported on the forum are a result of mistakes in the setup or failure of the underlying hardware/software stack and not a problem with the Storj software itself.

That is actually quite hilarious. Yeah, that won’t last. Storj Labs did the right thing starting over.

From just reading the comments on this topic they have holes in every part of their business. There are technical hurdles with that setup that really can’t be fixed in addition to it not being able to scale as well. The financial side doesn’t really add up either and seems to rely on not paying node operators. Not a single part of it is sustainable. The best this network could get is a constant flow of people giving it a try and hoping new people try it before others give up.

Honestly, the setup could be one click and I still wouldn’t be interested.


And that was the point where i throw over my internxt node.

Also, as many times mentioned, they use the old storj v2 Network, and i saw no improvement in their fork. (They just renamed some vars and that was it). They told me they will fix things but i just don’t believe them.

On the other side we have Storj, which improves things regularly, adding new features etc. Many (Crypto) Companies should take Storj as an example, they do a very good Job.


I totally agree with 20 characters :slight_smile:

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I wanted to check it out, But I can say I deleted it after words, Storj is much better. They are at least moving forward instead of using old storj code to piggyback off there old tech.


Not that I’d want to try it but I wonder how quickly one could destroy their network, knowing about all the vulnerabilities. :man_shrugging:


It takes only a few minutes to hours. I was thinking about it for a while but I don’t want to give them an excuse to fail. Just leave them alone. If they fail they can’t blame us. The storj v2 issues have been known for a while.


This is not true… I quote:

We’re instituting a maximum limit for transaction fees in relation to the Node Operator payout. If the payout falls below this threshold, it will be rolled over to the following month. The transaction fee limit would be 25% of the payout, which would be calculated based on the average transaction fee from the previous 12 hours after starting our payout process