IPv6 does not work?

I started to create my node with an IPv6 but unfortunately, it did not work, an explanation please?

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The IPv6 is working, but we don’t have a lot of customers with IPv6. The data transfer is performed between the node and the customer.
If you don’t have a public IPv4, your node will have a little traffic.
So, you should have a dual stack, not the IPv6 alone.

On my first try, by putting an IPv6, my node was offline, then by putting an IPv4, it could finally be online, so for me IP v6 did not work

You can have both. But not many of Storj’s customers use IPv6. Also, if you’re using an IP address directly, stop doing so especially with IPv6. A DDNS entry is far more beneficial to both you and the network.

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How is a DDNS more beneficial than IPv4 or v6?
Moreover, faced with a shortage of IPv4 address, is this not an opportunity for storj in the cloud, for businesses in particular, who face the shortage, will have to, if they want to grow , switch to IPv6?

DDNS allows your IP to change without inherently taking the node completely offline. Say my public IPv4 address changed and that’s what I had set as my address in the run command. That instantly means my node is offline and requires me to stop, remove, and restart the container with the new information. Instead of using direct IP addresses, you should use a hostname. Also, it’s not storj that is preventing IPv6. Most of the customers are not using v6 and they are what provide you with the pieces, not the Satellite. All the satellite does is tell the customer what nodes they can upload to.

You should put it with port [1fff:0:a88:85a3::ac1f]:28967
However, @vedalken254 is right - better to use the (D)DNS name instead. In case of DNS you can update it with both addresses - IPv4 and IPv6

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For my IPv4 address, it is unlikely that it changes because it is not automatic but “preferred”, that is to say that does not change automatically each restart of my box but if my operator needs it (or any other valid change). For IPv6, the DNS is actually a solution on my side but used no-ip and renew every 30 days, it does not interest me. The reflection on IPv6 that I was doing, was on a more global aspect, how storj will he adapt to this version change?

There is nothing to adapt. If we would have more customers with IPv6-only, your IPv6-only node will work with them.

Are dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses served by the same storagenode instance) nodes supported?

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Yes. We have at least one satellite which working with IPv6. But dual stack must be used at the moment anyway because of lack of customers with pure IPv6.

one node on IPV4 the other on IPV6 and they stand next to each other … is detection (in Storj v3) of the subnet implemented?

I run a dual stack node.

The traffic over IPv6 is about 1/2 the traffic over IPv4 for my node. So, I can confirm that IPv6 is working and that a single node uses both addressing schemes simultaneously.


The node with IPv6 must have a dual stack as well. The IPv6-only will be recognized very slow, the new node should finish the vetting process (100 successful audits on each satellite). It will got only 5% of the normal traffic until vetted. With pure IPv6 it will be a much longer process.

So I just have to turn on ipv6 on my gateway and server, open port for ipv6, when done add ipv6 with port to my -run and my node should use ipv4 and ipv6.

I got it right?

No, you need to use a domain name that has both a DNS A record for IPv4 and AAAA for IPv6. Not all DDNS providers support adding IPv6 records yet. My IPs are static, so I just used a static domain instead.

After reading this post yesterday, I’ve turned IPv6 back on in my network to test it. But I’m not sure if it’s working. I’m monitoring traffic in iftop but I only see IPv4 addresses. The port is open on IPv6. If anyone has a clever trick to make sure it’s working on my node, I’d appreciate it.

Like @_Lucas I dont want to renew every 30days and since i dont have any need otherwise i dont have the need for paid ddns

Don’t know what to tell you man. You’re gonna need a domain with both records. If you’re using IP now, I assume you have a static IP. You could use any free subdomain in that case. There are several places to get those. Just Google a bit.

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Ill do that. Thanks.

Its static

i have a node with only ipv6 but it stay offline

node id 124GtkpELLLpsrP3QM29w1YhY2iRv1cM9FaCwjEJWrNNPbAknr3
ipv6 External [2a03:10c3:259a:0:c09b:34e4:ae9c:24b9]:28967

what can i wrong when i look in logs : contact : shote ping sattelite failed but i have internet and a good ipv6 dns