IPv6 does not work?

You could try to use ddns and that might solve your issue. Like noip

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I have now used ddns but still in logs is ,error contact :chore ping sattelite failed I have tested port and also internet it looks like It is trying to connect to a ipv4 sattelite

there is only one satellite that actually will allow you to connect successfully, so I would say it is normal that you get those errors in your log. However, there may be a way to specify in your config file which satellite you want to connect to (whitelisting only the IPV6 satellite) so that the node will stop trying to connect to the others.

IPv6 dual stack is the default configuration for most Internet facing servers and services… so, it’s a little strange that the Storj Satellites don’t connect via either/and/or IPv4 - IPv6 dual stack as fairly standard since 2010…

FYI I have already consulted with the satellite operator and confirmed that you do not need dual stack to connect to our IPV6 enabled satellite. If you have both IPV4 and IPV6 you should connect with both to allow you to also connect to the other satellites.

I know.

I run a dual stack SN myself. I see the traffic from the single IPv6 satellite and the simultaneous IPv4 traffic. However, the default Internet facing configuration since about 2010 has been IPv4/IPv6 dual stack. So, it’s a little odd that only 25% of the Storj Satellites are configured to handle IPv6.

If I spin up an IaaS today on any number of possible vendors, the default is dual stack. IPv6 costs almost nothing to deploy, IPv4 is where the address space because expensive…

I suggest you add a request to our ideas portal if you would like our devs to prioritize implementing IPV6 support on the other satellites.

I think I read somewhere in a different thread that IPv6 only SNs are not “noticed” by the satellites because of the lack of discovery protocol…

But, I do know that IPv6 works just fine using dual stack.

Here is my IPv6 traffic for Storj over the last 24 hours…

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I have only ipv6 , the node is already 12 hours on but still showing offline , also in the logs is only: ping sattelite failed and also no data is transfert how to solve this problem

Tardigrade Satellites live on Google cloud. Google cloud not support ipv6 that the problem.

oke i understand but how can i than connect to the storj sattelite that works with ipv6 there is one sattelite that works with ipv6

If your port open from outside: http://www.ipv6scanner.com/cgi-bin/main.py it should connect to at least one satellite.
However for faster connection I would recommend to have a dual stack. In this case your node can connect for the rest of satellites.

i have it open but it will not connect
ip 2a03:10c3:259a:0:c09b:34e4:ae9c:24b9

The 28967 port is closed on that address. Make sure that you have specified the address with a port.
In the docker version in the ADDRESS variable: -e ADDRESS="[2a03:10c3:259a:0:c09b:34e4:ae9c:24b9]:28967", in case of DDNS, it should be with port too.
To make it working, stop and remove the container:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

Then run the container back with all your parameters, include changed one.

For the Windows version you should check your kademlia.external-address: or contact.external-address: in the configuration file "%ProgramFiles%\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml", it should be with port too.
If you would change this configuration file, don’t forget to save it and restart the storagenode service either from the Services applet or from the elevated Powershell:

Restart-Service storagenode

For all OSes make sure that your firewall has an inbound rule to allow requests from the any source and any port to the TCP 28967 port and your PC as a destination.
If your firewall has any outbound rules, then add an outbound rule to allow the access from the any port of your PC to the any host with any port as a destination. Usually the firewall doesn’t have an outbound rules.

The firewall could be on your router or other hardware, or integrated to your OS

when i check on the website that you send it is telling me it is open

the ddns name is ipv6001.dynv6.net

Some firewall is blocking traffic to your node

i have reconfigured the firewall now it is standing always open before sometimes on filtered
but still it is showing offline

For me it’s still closed even by IPv6.
It can’t be online, if your node is not reachable

is it necessary to add ipv6 to the docker run cmd for ipv6 to work along side ipv4 or amend the config.yaml