IPv6 does not work?

To use a dual stack, your external address should be resolved to the both stacks. It’s nothing to do with config.yaml, except update the external address, if you don’t have a DDNS domain yet before.
You can use this article for noip: https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/create-hostname-ipv6-address-aaaa-record-support-question-day/
To enable IPv6 on docker you can use this article: https://docs.docker.com/config/daemon/ipv6/
But I don’t think it’s needed. I don’t have a IPv6 to check

i have now installed the version for windows on an windows node, the port is now always open when i check
but still the node is offline

(the new docker version blocks standart ipv6 )

i have now also added a ipv4 address voor updates from storj , now the node is online,
in ddns i have only used the ipv6 adress to contact to the node , how do i kwow that only ipv6 is used for data and not the ipv4

and will the ipv6 address be used for the gegraphic location and not the ipv4 / if i understand it correct storj uses subnet to spread the data equal to the nodes is this by ipv6 subnet / 64 or

Hi Alexey, I know this is an old thread but are you aware if there’s more customers using IPv6? Currently have to pay monthly for a static IP myself, not at a loss but wondering if there’s an increase at all if it’s available? I’ve been checking here https://www.google.com/intl/en/ipv6/statistics.html

I run dual stack servers for several different services.

Current number of Storj IPv6 clients:

lsof -nu storj |grep -i ipv6.*established |wc -l

Current number of IPFS public gateway IPv6 clients:

lsof -nu ipfs |grep -i ipv6.*established |wc -l

We doesn’t have any customer facing satellite with IPv6 yet. Satellites are hosted in the Google Cloud and they do not support the IPv6, even if our satellites are able to work with IPv6.
We have only one satellite with IPv6 support - Stefan

Thank you for that information.

Ok, I will keep to my £5 per month static IP. Still at a profit after that. :slight_smile:


Did you find a solution to the problem?

I just posted an idea in the forum, now I have the same problem and it is happening to more and more people.

I would appreciate if you could comment on the thread.