IRC Server for Chat

After the close of our Rocket Chat server, it would be nice to have a place for real-time discussion again. I’m an IRCOp on GeekShed and have been for over 10 years, if anyone wants to come say hello, please do. Click Here to use the web service or if you have your own IRC client, connect to on port 6667 and join channel #storj.

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@jocelyn Can we have a chat feature? It was also suggested on Idea’s page but as a community leader its your call.

Brandon Iglesias commented09 Sep 18:12
Hey thanks for submitting your idea, the best person to talk to about this would be Jocelyn Matthews our community manager. You can message her on the forum, this ideas portal is only used for ideas that have to do with functionality for the v3 network.

How about discord? Channels are nice

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Having another app adds more workload to support staff. A chat add on from Discourse is much more helpful.

Discord is very good thing, using it every day for work, have some knolege how to do bot here, have some also. I plan to make node monitoring with discord output, then can get alarm 24/7 from nodes.

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I’m happy to field questions and refer queries to discourse if we can’t answer the question. Vedalken is here as well.

I would rather see a storj chat in Matrix.

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