Is all my system crashed ? Need help

Hi all,

In my last post (Node Status offline and Quic Misconfigured - Raspberry Pi 4) and with the help of @1qazx, I discovered that all my system has a big problem.

1- Yesterday, my node dashboard shown a Offline Status and Quic Misconfigured. So I created the above post.
2- After discussion with 1qazx, I have discovered that :

a ) My Raspberry doesn’t boot : I got the message : “You are in emergency mode …”, I desactived my Root account months ago.

b) My HDD where the node’s data are stored make a small noises like tuc-tuc-tuc with a separation of 1 seconde. I tried to connect it to another PC with a USB Live Ubuntu: the system don’t discover the HDD. Idem on Windows but I think it’s normal on this case.

May I use another HDD in a fresh system in order to don’t lost all my earnings and StorJ token on my account ?
I can read and transfer the storagenode files from the HDD where is located my system (RaspBerry OS).

Thanks for your help.


You need both - an identity and data. Without any of them the node is lost.
If you cannot recover storagenode’s data from this HDD, then this node and held amount are lost.

Regarding current undistributed amount - it will be paid if it would be greater than a fee on Ethereum in 4 times, or if you opted-in for zkSync or Polygon.
So, if you consider to opt-in you need your identity, change the config to opt-in and bring it online to check-in on the satellites to inform them about your decision. Since data is lost this identity will be started without data. As soon as this node would be online, you change will be sent to the satellites.

So, you can use a new HDD, but to start from scratch - generate a new identity, sign with a new authorization token and start with clean storage. The old node without data cannot be recovered.

To help with HDD - you may try to get it out from enclosure and connect as an internal SATA disk to your PC and try to recover data from it. Maybe the problem is enclosure and burned USB controller.

Thanks for your answer.

Just to be sure that I well explain : I’m booting my Rpi4 on a HDD and I’m using a 6TB HDD to store the data of the node.
I can have an access to the first one (even if it seems that I have also a problem on it) but It seems that I can’t have an access to the 6TB HDD. I think that if it works fine I can read it on a Linux environment, that is not the case.

I’m surprised because I bought it last year …

I confirm that I opted for zkSync.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand :

“…bring it online to check-in on the satellites to inform them about your decision”


When you are saying :

“So, you can use a new HDD, but to start from scratch - generate a new identity, sign with a new authorization token and start with clean storage. The old node without data cannot be recovered.”

I don’t understand because you said before that I can use the same identity with another HDD.

Regarding my HDD, I have to find a solution to test it because it is a 3.5 " (Seagate Exos 7E8, 6 To, Disque dur interne d’entreprise HDD, SATA, 3.5" (ST6000NM021A)) and I have only laptop.

@Alexey was very clear:
You need 3 components to run the node:

  1. The storagenode application, this can be re-downloaded from Github any time
  2. The signed identity files
  3. The storage data files

If you cannot recover your identity files, the storage data files are useless. You cannot use them with a new identity. Also without storage data the identity is useless, as you cannot run a new node with the old identity because the satellites expect the old data on it.
So you need to be able to recover both: Identity + storage data, then you can use them in a new node.

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You cannot use the the old identity to recover data, if data is lost.

You can use the old identity only to change wallet options, because identity is a key of storagenode and it’s needed to communicate with the satellites. The old identity without its data cannot work as a node anymore - it will be disqualified within minutes as soon as you bring it online (it will happen anyway, if you do not have data anymore), but it allows you to change your wallet options to receive an undistributed amount via zkSync for example, if you used an L1 before to receive your payouts, because now the disqualified node will not earn anything and it would very hard to clear a Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum to receive a final payout.

To have a fully functional node you need to recover its data, only identity is not enough.
If you would not able to recover its data - this node is lost forever and you need to start from scratch.

Ok many thanks @Alexey. It’s now clear for me.

I will check the HDD next week but I think I will be disqualified because of the long time without using my node and I will also lost it …

The DQ for downtime could happen if your node were offline for more than 30 days.

Hi all,
Hi Alexey,

In order to close this subject I would like to confirm that my external HDD was faulty… I lost all my data.
So I made a fresh installation.
@Alexey: I earn during all the year 2021. Is there a possibility to retrieve my earn values ?

Thank you.

If your earning is greater than Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum, then you already received it. If you opted-in for zkSync you received it independently of Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum.
If your earnings did not clear the threshold, then you can receive it later, when undistributed balance will grow enough to be sent via Ethereum (if you would use the same wallet in your new node), or when fee become lower.
If you did not meant the undistributed balance, but the held amount, then it’s lost because data is lost - this held amount will be used to recover missing pieces from other nodes.

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