Is December payouts complete?

I earned more than 5 dollars but I have not yet received my payout. When exactly I’m suppose to get my payout?

Looking at my payment transaction, gas used was ~$4.64, so if you read the article above, you have to also consider that if gas prices at the payment time were more than 25% of payout, then your payment will be rolled to the next month.

This looks like a scam! There was the unsent order issue and now there is gas price issue!

That was an issue that got resolved and everyone got compensation in form of a surge payout…

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The compensation was not enough and this compensation was not for the unsent order issue. It was for the low traffic in the month of November right?

no it was for unsent orders, trafic usereal klients, and ALL NSO know, that this is risk point. No one never told that trafic will be constant.

We already discussed this at length with you in december… let’s not start this again… The point is, there was a compensation.


Its was not a compensation! It was like a “double payout” to calm SNOs down so that they don’t rage quit! (Shut down their nodes without completing the Graceful Exit)

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Take it easy @NS1, the transaction price skyrocketed all of a sudden. There must be many other companies using ETH facing the same issue.
Even you if you wanted to exchange some ETH, you would probably wait for fees to get back to a way lower price before making any transactions…

If you really are unhappy with your Nodes, no one is forcing you to keep going.


No payout here for my 4 nodes.

Storj needs to think to switch to another blockchain. Polkadot, Cardano ,Elrond? Fees are really low and large community for last one.

Is December payout already completed? Or can I still hope for the payment?
(Last months I earned like 65 STORJ - $30,5…so I thought I will get paid this month, too)


Same here, earned >20$ last month but didn’t get a Payment yet…

Buying ETH now for trading is a bad idea. If your looking to trade buy it on the pullback or on the correction. If you are looking to make a profit by swapping then yes but then you are better of waiting anyway.

Also paying 4 bucks ore more on a 11 USD payout that is just wrong, That is a really bad idea.

I earned 13$ this mont so I think they’ll pay me next month

Why you keep using it ? @NS1 don’t know how old you are but you cry a lot and it not first time you accusing left and right

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I´ve earned $31.66 but have not received payment.

How does rolling over a payment for more efficiency -while precisely and openly documenting this process- “look like a scam”?

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I have earned $33 for December and still no payout. Something doesn’t sum up.

Hi @dstave and @andy777, here’s the information you’re looking for…

You can verify this yourself by looking at the StorJ payout address on etherscan -

FYI, I didn’t get my payout either :roll_eyes:

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OK. Thank you, @Stob! Just missed it this month. More to collect in february, then :slight_smile: