Is it not possible any longer to backup QNAP using HBS3 Hybrid & Tardigrade?

I am certainly new to Storj, but like what I have read about it. I am just having a harder-than-I-should time finding current information on backing up a QNAP Ts-431XeU to Storj.

I have found a few mentions about successes using the QNAP HBS3 Hybrid native app and Tardigrade to get backups of the NAS to the Storj DCS; however, it is just in some forum posts with deadlinks all throughout. However, that info, what little is actually available, is from 2 years ago at the most recent.

Now, searching anything related to QNAP + Storj is utterly worthless as it is 100% about using QNAP extra space to “make money” and as a node. I mean, I get that’s good and cool and all, but doesn’t Storj actually want paying customers as well? Am I totally missing the boat here? Is backing up my QNAP not possible any longer? If it is, what is the best way and where can I find the info?

I have searched the Storj documentation and haven’t found anything related to what I am trying to do.

Hi @Outhouse3464
Until someone who’s done this replies you can try the wayback machine copy of the old ‘how to’ page:

It’s possible using S3 credentials. I have this set up on my home NAS and it works well.

You’d create a storage space in the HBS3 app as S3 compatible and use (the Storj managed gateway) as the S3 endpoint, and then use that storage when setting up your backup schedules in the app.