Is it possible to make some money if I have only 2Tb in use?

No free money to buy 8 Tb or more. And never be. So question, is it profitable use 2Tb node? I run node some days ago and will see after some time will I continue with it or need to stop. But in advance anybody can tell me how much I can get money with 2Tb node?

Sorry, can you explain please? Is it special node holder’s joke? :slight_smile:

If you want to become rich within a few weeks or months, you better can drop now. For most of us, it’s a hobby project delivering some money for our free space that’s being left over.

As you can see in the ToS, the first 9 months you will earn 25%-75% increasing over time, the remainder being held back as compensation for early drop out. Of which you will get 50% back after 15 months.

Time for filling your drive of 2TB in my experience is about 3-10 months, depending on type of disk, your geographic location and whether you have neighbors in /24-IP-range if you have a decent internet connection (which is seldom the bottleneck). When full, it will deliver you a $3-6/month. Time for reaching this, will be at least 10 months as a logical consequences of the explanation above.

So, to give you an idea: my worst node, using an malperforming SMR drive gets about 5.5GB a day meaning 12 months to fill up probably even more. My best node using a QLC drive usually gets 23GB/day, meaning 2.5 months also considering the fact it never uses up the full space because of the size of trash and so on.

You can use this Realistic earnings estimator to get an idea how long it may take to fill up the allocated space and how much you may earn.


Due held back amount, you will not receive full earned amount anyway until month 10 I think.
Start with 2TB, fill it up. Use those earnings for a cheap 4TB drive later (Ebay, Black Friday or so), fill it up, get a 6TB with new earnings and from selling the 2TB and the 4TB drive.
And so on, you get the idea. But it’s rather a marathon than a sprint.

Why sell instead of just leaving the old node online?

You mean to create a new node on the new disk?
That is of course an option. However my idea was to move the node to the new disk when it is full.
According to what the OP has written it sounded like money and spending is an issue, so I thought 1 running disk and having even a little amount from selling the old hardware might be better in such case.
Of course if you start a new node you will start all over with vetting, held amount and so on while dividing your ingress on one IP to all nodes behind it (which apparently is not such an issue if your other disk is full).

I was thinking slightly differently. Migrate the node to the larger disk to gain from the vetting and then use the 2TB as a starter node once again slightly later.

I think @BrightSilence does this with several smaller disks.

It means you could have a second vetted node ready to go once the 4TB filled.

Of course currently unvetted nodes are getting more data anyway. lol

It really depends on what the OP wants to/can handle, it is also a matter of existing hardware.
However if you run both nodes simultaneously and both have free space, the ingress gets divided. Which means parts will land on the node with lower payout rate.
So maybe an idea would be to limit the size of the younger node to like 500GB and fill up the larger node first with higher payout rate first.
However if you want save the payouts anyway for later hardware upgrades it doesn’t even matter I think.

Ok. Let’s see from other side. How much I must invest in Node for getting good incomes in the future, after 10 - 15 months?
What is parameters must be of hardware for getting about $100 - $300 per month?

It is not so much about the hardware, it is about the time.
Simple math: You get paid $1.5 per TB stored per month.
So for fixed $100 you would need around 65 TB stored over a period of a month (let’s forget about the egress here, because an accurate amount is quite unpredictable)
But even if you buy 3*22TB disks at once, they won’t fill up as fast as you would like. It will take years.
So the right thing would be to do one step after another. Start small and grow it with the company’s ability to attract new and larger customers.

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How can I make this? Find new customers for company? I have no idea right now.

It is my impression that ideas on how to target customers and what industries might be interested in the product are appreciated.
If you know companies who are using AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze or others and are not happy anymore, then it would be a great idea to suggest to them to have a look at Storj DCS.

But unless one knows a lot of huge companies and can influence their decisions, a single SNO probably cannot achieve much.

Here are 2 suggestions that I have made recently:

You can always post such ideas in the forum and you may even get a feedback if they pick it up or if something will turn out from it.

Why forum. In my country noone know about Storj. I need good text for marketing and then I will send it to all big and little company in my country. Because I know only latvian, russian and a little english. I can translate very good my our language - latvian and then send them a text. Can you make good text? Let’s do it! We love America here because it is our new friend after Russia go out 30 years ago. So I think we can do it, just make perfect marketing text for it and I will translate and resend to all. I can find time do it for free every day because it is not hard for me.

You should get out now before your very disappointed a 2TB node isnt gonna make much at all and when its full your not gonna get any new data. I got rid of a 1TB node that ive had for 4 years recently. With the newest payouts being changed its not worth it to run a node that is small it. And if your running more then 1 hd to get to this size your really not making anything because each hd uses more power then it actually makes.

Of course depending on the area you live in and the price you pay for power. As in the area I live in, power is about €0,25-0,50 per kWh. A drive is taking 3-7W depending on type and factor.

So on average it would mean 2.2-5kWh, meaning €0,55-2,50.
2TB delivers about $4-5/month in the long run, so you’re making profit. Not that much however. So I actually use 128+GB (micro-)SD, 512+GB SSD, 1+TB 2.5" or 2+TB 3.5" otherwise it’s not worth the time investment.

Yeah, I have a few nodes “warmed up” for when I have larger disks available so I don’t have to wait for them to be vetted and go through the held back period of 9 months. However, these are all running at a loss right now, so I might just wind that down in the future ones I’ve moved the nodes I have. I’m kind of also running out of disk bays anyway, so I wouldn’t really have a place to keep them anyway. In the end I think I’ll stick with only one warmed up node on a disk that I use for multiple purposes and omit the 320/160GB disks I have running only for warming up nodes now.

I make about $100 a month now. I store about 55TB of Storj data total. So… use that as an indication I guess. Use the earnings estimator (with caution, it is a little outdated on network stats due to recent impactful changes to the network workings and test satellites) to see how long it takes to get to that point (it will be long).

If you want to make money, go “Vadim’s way” :sunglasses:. 90 nodes on VPS/VPN and 600$/month :heart_eyes:.

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it is not 600$ any more, this month it may be 400 I hope. and for today I have 270+ TB of data.
it shold be 400+ dollars for this amount only for storage, but for some reason it not show that match even with traffic.

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