Is it possible to store a bucket or file only on specific country?

I’am planning to use storj for storing my client data, and been trying the free tier for a while.
but there is a problem about my country specific rule.

lets say I’am australian (its not real, just for example)
my client personal data should be stored only on australia server.

so my question is. is it possible to create a bucket or store a file only on specific country ?

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Geofencing does exist, but there are probably not enough nodes in Australia only:

Storj Data Sovereignty and Geofencing

Geofencing has to be requested:


Thank you for everyone who answering my question
@jammerdan and @nerdatwork

my newbie question solved now
Again Thank you for the help :hugs:

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If a country has >1000 nodes we can consider gerofencing.


I count over 10k node in the EU region. So geofencing should be easily possible then.
I would say that is a very important part of GDPR compliancy that data resides within the EU.
While this might be not enough to be fully GDPR compliant it might be worth it to emphasize this more to potential customers.

We offer the following “off menu” options today

  • United states
  • EU (Supporting GDPR)

Just out of curiosity: 1000 nodes total, or maybe 1000 nodes with spare capacity?

Also, it’s actually surprising you’re not counting /24 subnets instead.

But it’s not mentioned on the main website?
I could not find it at least.
Instead I am reading:

Each piece of an object is distributed over a massive global network of nodes so data is never in just one place—it’s all over the world with better security and privacy.

If I would be a potential customer from EU who is looking for a storage option that keeps the data stored only in the EU this sentence would be exactly what I would not like to read.
Instead I would like to read something like data placement can be restricted to selected regions if available.
This is because I do believe that it would be important for some customers to know that their data will not be stored in the US for example but only in EU.


I’ve passed this on to the website team.
Thank you for this perspective .


As Dominick said its “off menu” so it won’t be mentioned anywhere we read unless you specifically ask for it, IMO. I too would like to know why though. Is there any legal issue to not mention it clearly or marketing tactics or something else ?

I think a simple mention of “We currently support geofenced data in EU and US regions” would suffice.

For some time global storage was the only option due to the lack of nodes.
And the global storage is great. So I understand that it is being emphasized.
But now with over 10k nodes in the EU, EU-only storage is a new important option and potential customers should get to know about it instead of being potentially repelled because they need EU-only storage and believe it is not possible to do so with Storj.

On the website there is a section “Common Questions”, maybe that would be a good place to write something about it.


A form to request geofencing has been available on our help desk since at least a year and a half ago. Our enterprise customers also can directly contact their account rep to request geofencing or may bring up the subject during onboarding, as well as other special requests as needed. Customers don´t seem to have any problem finding the form, we have processed many such requests already.

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It is not (only) about current customers, it is also about future customers and maybe even about people who publish information about Storj and what information they see. Just take the OP as example, it seems he also was not able to find this piece of information and had to come to the forum and ask about it.

To quote @nerdatwork

it won’t be mentioned anywhere we read unless you specifically ask for it, IMO. I too would like to know why though. Is there any legal issue to not mention it clearly or marketing tactics or something else ?

For me it is almost absurd how Storj is hiding this important feature and how they make it as hard as possible to find and request it instead of blatantly advertising it. With over 3000 nodes in Germany and more than 2000 in France it looks like you could even offer country based selection for some countries. Google and others are building data centers in Germany only for the purpose that the data of their customers stays here in Germany. So there has to be a demand for that and it feels like Storj completely fails to act on that.

Maybe you cannot understand that for some it is a no-go to store their data out of the EU region or even their country e.g. Germany and if they don’t have this information available they probably will not even consider Storj as storage option and not even try it. So these are not current customers, these are just interested parties who might consider Storj or might not consider it based on the information they are able to gather.

@heunland I think you are not from the EU, right? Maybe it is a cultural thing that people overseas have a lack of understanding that for EU people and companies it can be a critical issue where their data is stored and that they want or need to make sure that it won’t be stored in the US.

This feature is not good for decentralization in my opinion. It also limited only to a few regions where we have enough nodes. Each such limit just increases risk to losing a segment. We do not want this.
So maybe this is the reason why we are not advertising this option in our marketing materials.
However if the customer specifically searching for this option - they can ask here on the forum (and now Google would find this before the going to the forum), or request via form.
And also I think that this feature should be a premium.


I have already stated that potential customers can discuss with their account rep if they have a need for geofencing their account (for reasons of compliance with GDPR laws for example.) This is an enterprise feature, not available to free tier accounts and may become a paid feature in the future.

Our enterprise customers are in close contact with our Sales team and receive support from the Solutions Engineering team from the time they are a potential lead who may later become a paying customer to onboarding and configuring their Storj Account. Potential leads can and do express any concerns they have, including GDPR compliance, starting from their first interview/meeting with our sales team. Solutions Engineers will continue addressing any issues they have after they have started using the account, to help them optimize performance and resolve any issues.

Furthermore, I really don´t appreciate your condescending statement implying I would somehow be unable to comprehend EU and German law. There is no reason to speculate about my country of origin having anything to do with why Storj the company has decided to not publicly advertise that we may consider applying geofencing upon special request. Alexey has already explained the reasons well already, so please read his comment.

And btw, I grew up with a nice view of the Berlin Wall from my bedroom window. But regardless, I can assure you that residing in the EU or Germany is not a necessary prerequisite to being able to comprehend the importance of GDPR compliance.

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OP did not seem to know that or have one.

That’s a good idea.

That’s nice. So I could talk in German with you? Das ist ja großartig. So viel Deutsche bzw. Deutsch sprechende hier?

But it may help.

It´s not that hard to find a way to contact the sales team, for example the ¨contact us¨ button here (note also the word ¨compliance¨ in the first bullet point under the Enterprise heading) or here

Ja, aber das würde es dann für Nicht-Deutschsprecher schwerer machen, die Antworten zu verstehen.

Sad you won´t even offer an apology but instead double down on the premise that somehow EU residents are better able to comprehend GDPR laws.

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