Is it too late to become a Node operator?

I was wondering if it is too late to become a node operator. I have around 60TB available. Incase if I start now, how much time will it take me to fill at least 10tb?

cc: Storj Admins - Are there a good amount of people on the waitlist to use the network?

It’s never too late, especially considering the network hasn’t even launched yet. You probably won’t fill up 10tb for a while, but that depends on how the network is going to be used. No one really can say what will happen in the next couple of months


If you just have to take a guess. How much time it might take? 5 months?

Its the value of variable c from this equation

2x + 3y = 39


I can say that it took a couple of months for me to get 2TB during the beta, but that is absolutely no indication of what will happen in the future (positive or negative)


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Aha I see. Thanks @Derkades

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@leovarmak because every customer will have different needs around how they access and store data, we cant predict that. We do hope for a healthy level of activity that is beneficial for SNOs and customers alike


Plus it depends on your network connection and hardware. There is a limit to how much data a 10/100 link can accumulate vs 1 Gbps/1Gbps. And where is your Node? If all the clients are in the U.S.A. and you are in Africa, it may not fill up as fast as nodes next to the clients. A raspberry Pi may be slower than a Pentium computer. Virtual Machines can also slow things down if not properly configured.

Point is, just set it up and run it. Join the fun.

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I would say anyone joining now is still early in the game. Most of the current data will still be removed with the closing of the old test satellite and customers have just started using the network. Getting in now still means getting in on the ground floor.

Nobody can give you a prediction on how fast your storage will fill up and honestly that’s probably nowhere near the most interesting question to begin with, since egress will account for the majority of your payout anyway. So it’ll likely be somewhere between within a few days and never.

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I got only 1TB filled and still earned 200$ last month, don’t worry about it.
I’m not sure how it will be after lunch, but only the last month payed all my equipment :smiley:

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Last month was intense test month as nodes was constantly sending data out. That is why small portion of data was coming in, in compare to the amount that was coming out.
It doesn’t mean that it won’t happen when clients with real data start using the network after launch but it needs to be taken in consideration if you want to even try calculate the returns. I’m an SNO for 8 months or so and what I like about this project is that it consumes little of electricity (depends on setup of course) so that I won’t go bankrupt after one bad month of earnings:) Shout out to great team making things happen! Because even low-end equipment will do and low electricity cost, it is worth trying and help the network in my opinion:) Good Luck!