Is there a new payment method?


I just received my payment for June.
I received only 1 payment (and the amount seems to be OK). Does it mean that hereafter we will receive only 1 payment per address?

This would be great and much easier to follow (at least from SNO side).

Thank you!

Yes they changed it last month due to a spike in gas fee’s

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Thank you.
I didn’t get that the new way to pay SNO was already decided and implemented.
On your link, I see that:

Our methodology to this point has been to pay one transaction per Node, per Satellite. This results in 48k payouts in the current month. 33k of those transactions are for payouts worth less than $1. We completed the payout for all transactions worth over $1. For the remaining transactions, we’ll be aggregating all payouts across all Satellites and Storage Nodes so that Storage Node Operators will receive one single payment to their respective payout address.

But, since I had 5 running nodes end of June, I am a little bit surprised to have just one payment. Isn’t it weird?

If I well understood the new way to pay nodes, I should receive:

  • 1 payment per node per satellite if the amount is >1$
  • all other payments <1$ will be sent in the same transaction (of course if the same address is used)
    Am I right?

New post about that here :slight_smile: