Is there a notable increase of utilization after successful vetting?

Is there a notable increase of utilization after succesful vetting? I am close to 100 completed audits and curious what to expect then.

about 60-90 % more ingress trafic

My node dont get realy more after Vetting.

does it veeted on all 5 satelites?

Yes, since last month. But not much more traffic. Dont know why. I still let i run and will see.

So let’s see, Just received 100th audit request.

Same question as Vadim asked MadeInGermany… is that 100 on each satellites or 100 total?

It should be 100 per satellite.

yes, each satellite does its own vetting, so you need 100 on each to be completely vetted. Your comments seemed to be suggesting you were looking at a single number.

Don’t get your hopes up too much, it seems to be fairly low traffic on the network right now.

This is what I am seeing right now.

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traffic will not automagically come, if there are no customers close by your node it’s more likely that other nodes will get traffic. This has been discussed here a few hundred times :slight_smile:

Would be nice if we could have a FAQ about these things.

We have one:


Finally I can answer my own question:

After successful vetting I see ingress traffic has increased from that specific satellite. I see more upload requests (even hit the too many requests limit) and it seems that larger data chunks are uploaded to my little node. Egress went up a bit too.
Next completion of vetting on another satellite is around the corner. Let’s see what this brings. :pray:

I can add some more experience now.
Currently daily additional space requirement is around 20 Gb.
Egress is around 5 Gb.

Node is vetted on all satellites in the meantime except Stefan-Benten which is to become obsolete anyway.