Is this CPU too weak to host a node?

I have an old supermicro 1u lying around that I can pop a large hard drive into instead of buying something new to attach the hard drive to but my question is: Is the atom d510 too weak to do a storj node?

I have something similar to this: SuperMicro 1U Rackmount Server Atom D510 1.66GHz 2GB RAM 500GB HD X7SPA-HF-D525 | eBay

My unit has the D510 and 4Gb ram

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CPU is rarely (if ever) the rate limiting step.
Yours sounds like the perfect use case for running a Storj node: you already have the hardware, all you’ll be spending is some money in electricity.
Go for it, let us know how you get on :smiley:


I heard that in the setup there’s a generation phase that on an rpi can take like 20 hours… Should i do that on a different computer then import it on this?

Definitely do that on a more powerful CPU, yes

I run one of my storage node on a HP N40L microserver which has an AMD Turion dual core CPU. This machine is also our family storage server + running uTorrent quite actively on a 900/300Mbit internet connection. Cherry on the cake is that the OS is a Windows 8.1. The CPU is maxed at 1,6Ghz, but usually running at 0,9 - 1.0Ghz which is the minimum. The storagenode is hiding in the corner without any serious resource requirement, it is usually taking 2-4% of CPU.
Just to compare your CPU to my CPU:

I believe you will be more than fine with your machine.

I have 3 nodes on one machine with celeron D 2,6 (at about 20TB summary). Still working fine :slight_smile:

Cpu load is 36%. And your CPU is better than mine. So, i don’t see any problems