Issue in documentation Set Up Tardigrade with NextCloud

Is there an Issue? I think there shall be the command for configure the s3 gateway instead uplink?


Thanks for pointing this out, it looks like this section has not been updated yet completely in the docs since the binary naming was changed.
Please install and setup the S3 Gateway in the /opt directory, or other directory of your choice:
in Powershell, cd /opt then type the commands as shown for Windows in and then continue with instructions to run the S3 gateway for windows After your gateway is running, continue to install Nextcloud

UPDATE: We already have a new connector now that uses Libuplink integration for backup and you no longer will need the S3 gateway. We have the new documentation already in staging now, waiting for approval. Please go to this thread to find the instructions on how to use the new Nextcloud Connector and leave your feedback on that thread!

Updated documentation to:

Check it out, and let me know if you hit any snags!!


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