I've been running my node for almost one year… And I haven't earned a single coin yet? Developers be a little more generous please at least monthly bonuses or something

Last year in December I started helping this project as I believe it’s going to be awesome. I upgraded my Internet to 1 Gb just so I could make sure I was a strong supporter. I was thinking I would make some money back to help offset the increase… But no… Why?

I know you guys don’t want to give away coins to people toward serious about helping the network, but you have to be a little more generous than the current rate. 10 months of paying for my Internet at electricity and I have zero to show for it. Basically this is been my worst crypto investment sadly.

The developers have solid concept and the product is good, I love renting out my extra hard drive space. And I’m sure a lot of other people are going to enjoy it also but they need to be rewarded more frequently.

That’s just my 69¢ on the matter.

PS I’m just stating this is a matter of fact, most people won’t have the patience that I have exercised for this project, I’m pretty sure.

My oldest node is just under a year old, I’ve only received 1+ payments for it. The first was worth 0.02USD as it was before Storj implemented the L1 minimum requirement or offered L2 payments. They probably paid quite a bit to send me that little amount. I listed my payments received as “plus” since I’ve started two additional nodes since and all pool to the same L1 wallet. On an RPi I’ve got three nodes utilizing 2x 2TB drives (1.73TB shared ea.) and 1x 1GB drive (0.86TB shared). Hardware was all stuff I had kicking around except for a SATA to USB cradle for the drives, but that investment could be used after I would shut down my node or move it to something else. The 1.73GB node I started last November is full, the other two only have about 600GB each used. Recently (Aug? Sept?) I received my 2nd payment since the L1 minimums went into play, I think it was the equivalent of 19USD. I’ve done this on a sub 100Mbps link, your 1Gbps wasn’t a worthwhile investment in my eyes if it was done just for Storj. This is a “long game” project but I’m content with that. The only thing I could be seeing as “wasting” in this is the power, and for my current rig I think that is negligible.

What is your current amount or data stored? How much USD is shown as held? The gas prices for payouts always make the L1 minimum a moving target but having been online since December I would think you should have enough held that you should be getting close to the possibility of getting a payment. Might take an alignment of stars for gas prices to be low enough to happen soon, but you should be building up.


You can always opt in zkSync and get your payout every month.


Node operator is paid in correlation to how much Storj customers use Storj. It is not like Storj twists statistics to not pay to its operators…

Not that I hate zkSync idea, but for starting operator it won’t matter much whether he/she sees some numbers in dashboard, or in zkSync wallet. Both options would be almost equally unusable considering average amount they receive.

How big is your node? How much data do you have there? I have 145 TB of Data and it use below 100 mbit of upload so gigabit network is overkill. The biggest ammount of upload I ever seen was 150-170Mbit, it was very big Storj test long time ago.


So you only use your internet for Storj? Man, that’s some serious dedication there!


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I upgraded my cable from 200mb to 1gb when starting this but I also started a few other things such as sia and a few web scraping apps so can justify the extra cost.
My PC was on 24/7 anyway so a few extra apps won’t make a difference.

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