Jan 2022 payout in February

I checked my zksync payout today and it is 50% higher than usual.
This great news!

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Isn’t it just because of the recent Storj token’s drop in value? (And the rest of crypto-assets…)

The equivalent USD value is probably quite close.

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Maybe you also had some held back amount included this time?

Probably a bit of both. My node made 20% more in January than in December. The start of this month as looked similar to January. It’s an encouraging sign. I already updated the earnings estimator to cautiously reflect this.


My EUR equivalent actually has nearly doubled from december to january, but who am I to ask for explanations :cowboy_hat_face:

From what I can see no polygon payouts this time?

Payouts have not yet been completed. There is currently an unresolved problem with Polygon that prevents us from sending the Polygon payouts atm. We hope they will resolve this soon.


February doesn’t look too good for me so far… :frowning_face:
Total bandwidth is on a steady decline.