Jul 6, 2021: Payouts for month of June complete

Perhaps because you were an early adopter you have the different opinion.
I see no advantages to using zksync for a smaller SNO if you want a fiat payment. If you want to token speculate then sure it will be fine. If the environment changes and there are actual exchanges that might change the situation but it isn’t where we are now.

For me the manual process cost me the chance to be paid finally. I don’t ask storj to lose money in the process and support the threshold idea. But, at the same time storj should be efficient about it. Come on, do you really think that the idea storj reserves HALF the whole payment period for them to process payments is really valid? It also means the dashboard can also be wrong forup to half a month.

If the payouts are manual, you can just let mine accumulate until ETH 2.0.

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The payout process being manual doesn’t mean that a person processes all those 10k payments manually. that would be insane. It just means it is not fully automated (yet). Storjlabs is an IT startup, not a big company with 10k employees and not a bank either. Some expectations in this thread are amusing…

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It doesn’t take 10k employees to deal with some of the issues raised. I’ve been a member of distributed teams many times and those teams were not large by any means. It takes structure and assignment of responsibilities.
I think the reason reason it is this way is that is not a priority for storj . Exactly why zksync gets pushed - it suits storj to do so.

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I was only comparing to 10k employees because of the amount of payments to process.

For storjlabs it makes no difference if they pay you on L1 or zksync. It’s the same script that does the payouts. (but the changes for zksync needed to be implemented first, which took manpower).

Let’s just face it, some of the problems here are unimportant to most people and storjlabs has lots of things with higher priority than improving payouts.

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I actually disagree with something you say :slight_smile: which is unusual - I think allot of people are interested with how their hosting provider handles it’s business, please remember this is a public forum visible to SNO’s, Clients, and others :slight_smile: I really want to see this project succeed, and to do that it needs uptake by developers to incorporate this tech into their projects - lack of transparency on the payments will exclude many larger corporations from participating, Storj will be stuck as a niche player and eventually fold, this is not something I want to see - the tech is very disruptive and I believe it has it’s place.

On the payments, I was rather more expressing concern for the new SNO’s who have joined in the last 8 months, or are new to Crypto but I guess we will continue.

Also in case people think I’m moaning, I’m not :slight_smile: I got paid just under $50 this month, but the sustainability of the network is more important, and attracting more SNO’s - we are stuck at 12k and that needs to grow far more in my view.

anyway, thanks CP

I think you’re exaggerating. What lack of transparency?

Some of the problems here really are rather unimportant. People do get paid reliably and regularly.

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What is the cost per transaction (in terms of 1 wallet address being 1 transaction) for storj paying with zksync and paying the “normal” L1 transfer fees?

IF you are a long term SNO or you want to be a token speculator and will accept zksync, on that basis then, yes. Remember for most of you that have been long term players (1) storj paid you surge payments (2) For a long time storj took a loss just to pay you. Neither of those scenarios apply now. (Which is correct for the long term sustainability of the business.) But it means the environment for a SNO with under 12 months “service” is an entirely different beast from those who have been around in the longer term.

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The last surge payment was in November, so 9 months ago…

The current new pricing for customers doesn’t cover the SNO payments, so there is still a ‘loss’ on StorJ’s side.

I would agree with you on this. There are more storagenodes on the network so they take longer to ‘fill’. This causes node payments to be smaller for longer, which means operators don’t see the fractions of cents being paid into their wallet, due to the payment threshold enacted because of the increase in transaction costs on the ETH chain.


I’ve been following this thread and I agree that the payment process can be frustrating, especially for newer SNOs. I would like to point out that payments for June were completed on July 6th, which given the US holiday (like it or not Storj is a US based company and observes US holidays), the payout was completed in 3 business days. Which I would argue is very reasonable.


It’s not frustrating, it’s just a gamble :slight_smile:

The real issue is the lack of new SNO’s joining, this is more troubling as we need the fresh churn to keep the network stable - we’ve been stuck at 11-12k for a few months, and in my view that should of tracked close to 20k by now… What we should really be asking is “why are new SNO’s not joining” to understand where the problems are… Maybe its not payments, but if that’s the case SNO’s could be paid zero, it would be interesting to see how many the network would have left…

Except that that is not all what is being discussed here. And we aren’t talking fraction of a cent payments either. As one other person pointed out they were just under the $21 US payment level and due to the increase in gas fees over the last few days previous to the payment date they just missed out on being paid. Indeed had the payments been completed two days earlier even I would have been paid. I’m not at $21 for sure but I’m not fractions of a cent either. Maybe $21 is not significant for most people in western countries but I can guarantee you for people in a lot of the world $21 US is most definitely a significant amount of money. Heck, I can feed my family for a day on that amount without difficulty (5 people and a cat).

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Except SNO’s are global and storj has a global work force. I suspect (but don’t know for sure) that storj does not stop emloyees from following local holiday customs. Maybe @Alexey could answer what the deal here is for storj staff? To enforce a US system on a global work force would seem rather stupid. But I get some Americans feel like they need to enforce their rules everywhere. Believe me, i have had enough personal experience of that. cough Bechtel cough.

You want a fiat payment?
Just wait some months to get enough balance.

It’s too long for you?
Enable zksync and transfer the amount to L1 when gas fees are cheaper (generally during Saturday-Sunday night). Check this to find the best time.

You want to get rich while running some nodes?
Buy a datacenter.


Would i be right in saying that currently payments to sno’s is actually free to storj (not including eth used to perform transaction) because the actual payment that the operators get is actually made by the various exchanges. This may not be true in time as storj may have to buy storj from exchanges to make payment or used returned coins through customer purchases. i bring this up because of people mentioning the difference in cost between price to customers and price paid to SNO, also the use of surge payments to give us a boost every now and again. Do they actual cost storj any thing more than the transactions to process.

So funny that when people talk about getting a payment the derogatory remarks about wanting to “get rich” always start to come out.

Month 7 for me so far with two nodes going.

No, because i would also need to use Metamask or use yet another wallet and I don’t want to do either. I want a simple process. Transfer to my wallet, transfer to an exchange, transfer to my bank account. Oh, and the complete lack of Exchanges on L2 is also a current problem.

You can check supported wallets on there website (eg. Metamask, WalletConnect, Leger and more), maybe even your wallet. https://wallet.zksync.io/

Other than that, zkSync is exactly what you want: You get your payment, send it directly form your L2 wallet to your exchange address (use withdraw, not transfer to make a L1 tnx) and you can exchange it to fiat.

(FYI for now you need to do a one time tnx on L1 to activate your L2 address)

My wallet is not supported and requires Metamask.

No, it isn’t. I have no interest in zksync in the current environment.

If you want to make money by participating in a blockchain network and using different wallets is too complicated for you, maybe you should consider another side-business.

You are participating in a pretty new technology, collaborating with a quite new startup and emerging market. You may also be considered as an early adopter in 10 years. So it seems fair to me that it is not as simple as selling a well-known service and being paid in fiat currency through traditional banking services. I agree with you: making things simpler is one of the biggest challenges for all blockchain-related markets. But once again: step by step.

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